Tonushree Chakraborty glams up for a t2 Diwali album

How do you like to dress up for Diwali?

  • Published 16.10.17
For #FamJam:
Bring on the shimmer in the evening when you are set with your diya thali and ready to burst crackers. The jacket-style Eshaani Jayaswal lehnga in baby pink has the right amount of shimmer. Accessorise with a maangtika, chaandbalis and bracelet.

How do you like to dress up for Diwali?

For Kali Puja, I try to wear cottons. For Diwali, I like wearing a lehnga or a salwar kurta, but a little unconventional in style.

What dominates your wardrobe?

Saris. I am not a very lehnga person but I have been wearing lehngas since I was a kid. I love a bit of shimmer on them. I have a lot of Kanjeevarams… I like the Rekha look. I have cottons, especially south cottons. And I also like taant saris, the colourful ones, like a red or a green or a yellow. I love yellow. Most of the time you will find me in a yellow sari.

For  the taash party:
This draped cape sari from Citrine is great to turn heads at a game of cards with friends. “It’s great for a cocktail party too,” said Tonushree. The pearl-and-stone mala adds colour.

What did you pick up from your recent Bali vacation?

I picked up a lot of sarongs, a lot of colourful resort wear. I bought a couple of sun hats. What I am loving is the fact that the paler colours are looking brighter on me. And guess what, I picked up gym shoes! That too three of them.... I ate a lot on the Singapore cruise.

Are you on a diet otherwise?

Not really! I try to, but on shoots managing time becomes difficult. I try to finish my workout in the morning. I carry food from home. After getting up in the morning, I eat oats, papaya, sprouts and a cup of Darjeeling tea. I also include an egg sometimes or if I am having an omelette, I go for a microwaved egg-white omelette. After working out, when I am ravenous, I have whey protein or natural protein like roast chicken, egg whites, vegetables or a guava.

A lot of time, lunch is boiled oats. If I want to have rice, I have just a spoonful. For Bengalis, a bhaat-maachh-dal meal is great. It’s great for your skin.

For a late afternoon snack, I have dry chire bhaja with chhola. You will always find chhola and nuts in my car. I have a bowl of chicken stew for dinner. Tok doi and chhana are also a part of my diet. I usually call it a day by 10.30pm if there is no shoot. I am not a night person. I don’t do night-outs.   

Of course, I feel like eating out sometimes. Or, I might cook mutton at home on Sundays… a second Sunday when there is no shoot! I love cooking. My friends love what I cook.     

For a Diwali night-out:
This  Vedika M top and skirt combo is jazzy but comfy — just what you need when you go pub-hopping with the BF or your girl gang. There’s a touch of gold via the chaandbalis, bracelet and ring.

If you were to throw a Diwali party, what would you plate up?

I would prepare vegetarian dishes. Definitely, Zafrani Pulao and dishes like Dal Makhani, Paneer Pasanda and Malpua.

What are your make-up loves?

I like doing less of base nowadays and go for light foundations. I look after my skin. The most difficult task is to keep your skin in good condition. You won’t need make-up if you have glowing skin. I am wearing less kajal these days. If I am doing kohl eyes, I generally don’t do it with eyeshadow. I do it with surma... this Iranian kajal that I got from Dubai. I smudge with that. But I love this eyeshadow from Dior. I have this Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette, which I am using a lot.... In Durga Sohay, I did kohl eyes and light brown lips. It was a light brown Colorbar lipstick which gives a glossy, creamy effect with a hint of red. I add a little brown lip liner to it.

Which celebrity would you love to celebrate Diwali with?

Aamir Khan. He is my all-time favourite.

Text: Saionee Chakraborty
Pictures: Pabitra Das
Styled by: Neha Gandhi
Hair & make-up: Abhijit Chanda
Jewellery: Harshita Sultania Jewellery
Location: The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata