Under the scanner: A pat on the back is an expression of approval or congratulation. But what if you get a slap in the face? Is this the new way of saying things are fine?! *wink* 

  • Published 12.04.16

Sleuth Shabor keeps close watch 

Cafe talk: Shabor (Saswata Chatterjee) has a bunch of questions for Shyamangi (Ushoshi Sengupta), Shivangi’s sister, who he meets at a cafe. “I was looking for someone who can play an entrepreneur, a single woman living alone abroad who comes down to Calcutta once a year to meet her sister. Ushoshi fit the bill perfectly. I needed someone who would stand out. She is really doing well, and is putting in a lot of effort,” added the actor-director. June plays a psychiatrist in the film that is eyeing an Independence Day release. Pictures: Pabitra Das