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Tnusree completes 10 years in the industry

The actor talks about a love story from the past and Bonyo Premer Golpo Season 2

Arindam Chatterjee Published 16.11.20, 03:26 AM

Tnusree Siladitya Dutta

The Hoichoi web series Bonyo Premer Golpo Season 2 is getting rave reviews and Tnusree is revelling in the praise coming her way for her performance. Having completed 10 years in the film industry, Tnusree is now ready to take on new challenges.

It’s been 10 years in the industry. What were the lessons learnt?

Acting makes me happy. Every day you have to do something new, you have to have the energy and hunger to do new things, explore and innovate. One must be positive always and believe in oneself and work with a strong conviction. And it is very important to be with and value the people who help and support you.


Do you set goals for yourself?

I always try to better myself with every film. Of course, I soak in the admiration and acclaim but I don’t let it get to me. I always feel what more can I do. I like to do different kinds of work. The film that I am acting in should be different from the last one. I always want to excel. Cinema helps me to grow. This is the right path for me.

On a lighter note, have you received any extravagant proposals after getting into films?

One of my fans was hell-bent on marrying me. I just couldn’t make him understand that it’s not possible! He even landed up at my house with flowers. During the Pujas he brought me a pair of shoes and wanted me to wear them like I was his Cinderella. I did enjoy all the male attention during college (laughs). My parents were very protective and made sure that I didn’t look at any guys! Even if someone stopped me on the street to propose, I would not stop but walk on.

When did you first fall in love?

I fell in love for the first time at 17. We were together for a few years and then we broke up. We are good friends.

Any over-the-top fan stories?

Three of my fans fell in love with me. Things became quite intense and serious. They were so aggressive. They would call me up and cry. Thankfully, they are now married and happy.

In BPG2, “crime of passion meets crime of desire at a mental asylum”. Tell us about your character?

She stands out with her inner strength and intelligence. The story also focuses on mental health. It is very important to talk about it.

The sequence where a scuffle breaks out on the stairs involving you is quite striking.

It was a very tough shoot and quite risky. But we took the risk taking all safety measures. Also, the day was so hot and humid.

What are your plans next?

Usually I don’t like to plan ahead or even if I do, I don’t like to talk about it... but yes, I would like to act in national projects. I would like to challenge myself more. The last 10 years have been really fulfiling... my work was appreciated and acknowledged and in the last 10 years I got to work with some really good directors and be a part of critically acclaimed films and web shows. I feel happy looking back, but I would like to achieve more.

Videographer: Bipradip Chakraborty
Stylist: Sandip Ghosal
Make-up: Babusona Saha
Hair: Gini Halder

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