Time to play bowl at RCGC with t2

Royal Bowling League in association with t2

  • Published 12.08.17

What: Royal Bowling League in association with t2

Where: Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Maidan Tent

When: August 13 to September 10

What to expect: Move over golf, because the third edition of RCGC’s in-house lawn bowls tournament is here! This year’s Royal Bowling League will see eight teams — Sharp Shooters, Verdant Colts, RSH Signature, The Bowling Stones, Royal Super Knights, BLC High Rollers, City Knights and Bowling Bravehearts — lock horns and set the ball rolling on the RCGC Maidan Tent greens. Eighty members of the club will be busy rolling jacks and woods in order to win the trophy and of course the prestigious title. Each match consists of three rounds — doubles, triples and fours.

Organiser speak:  “We have made a few changes this year in the playing conditions to give a fair opportunity to all the teams — starting from the auction process to some rules. It will be a fairer and stronger competition. Lots of new bowlers have emerged over the last two years and for the first time, the RCGC lawn bowls greens will see 100-plus bowlers on a regular basis,” said convener Hitesh Dani.

Text: Deborima Ganguly
Pictures: Shuvo Roychaudhury and B. Halder