There he goes again

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  • Published 22.07.08

Three releases in two weeks. Three very different roles in two weeks. Three very different looks in three weeks. Prosenjit is on a roll.

After the bearded filmmaker in Khela and the clean-shaven-but-tough do-gooder in Ghar Jamai, comes the bespectacled, moustached middle-aged man of Takkar.

Tollywood’s hero number one is Ajay in Swapan Saha’s latest family drama. Or rather his latest Prosenjit drama. For Prosenjit is omnipresent here — in almost every scene, almost every frame. And he scores full marks for commitment and conviction, yet again.

In Takkar, Ajay and Chaiti (Rachana) are an estranged couple. He was a poor boy and she a rich girl who were happily married till Chaiti’s vicious aunt and a wicked brother plotted to drive them apart. Ajay then emerges strong as the self-made man forever in love with his wife, forever forgiving, forever standing up against wrong. Chaiti goes from the chirpy, lovestruck wife to an unforgiving middle-aged woman.

If Prosenjit is, well, Prosenjit, Rachana impresses in the substantial role. The minimum make-up and the chic pearl necklace give her the right look, too.

Sharing screen time in Takkar with the lead pair are Varsha (Chaiti’s niece) and Rishi (Ajay’s nephew). Both disappoint. If Varsha needs some grooming and a much better wardrobe, Oriya hero Rishi is too little brain or brawn. He can neither act, nor fight convincingly.

The music is a drag — the tunes are bad and the lyrics don’t help.

But at the end of the day, this is a film for Prosenjit fans. Period.