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  • Published 30.10.12
“Let’s raise our fingers and do the 3 sign to match the title,” suggested Rituparna to her 3 Kanya co-stars Unnati (centre) and Ananya at Chrome Hotel on a sunny October morning. Unnati missed the cue because the instruction was in Bangla! “I’m learning Bangla but Ananya, can you please translate what Ritudi just said?” Ananya’s reply? “After the photoshoot!”

The three ladies have raised the ‘bold’ bar in 3 Kanya. they tell you how!

Yes, I have locked lips with Unnati in 3 Kanya! And no, we haven’t smooched. It’s just a lip-lock. Obviously, we are professional actors and we made each other very comfortable while shooting. I am hoping the scene will have a huge impact on the audience. But we don’t play lesbians in the film. I am a journalist called Aparna in 3 Kanya. — RITUPARNA

I play Nancy, a call girl. Nancy gets raped and then it’s about her protest and the stand she takes against the criminals. Nancy isn’t bold in the way she dresses up. Neither is her language bold, but what she does after she is raped is very, very bold. The rape scene is very cruel and I had to take care of my expressions because it’s meant to disturb and project rape as bad as it is. Nancy’s path crosses with two other women: Rituparna and Unnati. — ANANYA

I am an actress and I don’t have any limitations. If the role demands it, I can go to any extent, except nudity, on screen. I was very comfortable with the lip-lock scene with Ritudi. The scene has a purpose which you will realise when you watch the film. I play Damini, a cop, in 3 Kanya. — UNNATI

I can’t reveal much about 3 Kanya because it’s a thriller. There are two stories running parallely in the film. One is about Nancy (Ananya) who is raped by three men. I shot it in a way that will repulse the audience. The three men are masked and are performing Chhau while taking turns to rape her.... The other story is about Aparna (Rituparna) and her husband (Sudip Mukherjee) who is having an affair with Damini (Unnati). He gets kidnapped and Aparna seeks Damini’s help and that is when the two indulge in sex!

3 Kanya is for adults and the audience can expect never-seen-before bold scenes. It is bolder than Charuulata 2011. The sex scenes are in-your-face. There’s nothing lyrical or poetic about them. It’s very raw. The audience has never seen such explicit sex scenes in Bengali cinema before!

Agnidev Chatterjee
director-producer of 3 Kanya, which releases on Friday

While Unnati and Rituparna slipped into swimwear for a dip in the Chrome pool, Ananya chose casuals — a loose white shirt and denims. “I am not going to dive into the pool. I think sitting beside the pool in casuals can also be very sexy. I think it’s quite a style statement,” laughed Ananya. “I am not carrying a swimsuit,” sulked Unnati, but then swiftly wrapped a black shawl around her svelte frame for an innovative swimsuit! Rituparna splashed around in a red bustier and leopard print shorts. What about the ‘3 Kanya’ inked on the three ladies? “It was my idea to write 3 Kanya near our shoulders. Isn’t it a great idea?” Rituparna asked.

Text: Kushali Nag
Pictures: Rashbehari Das