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  • Published 27.04.10

From geek to hunk — Soham’s ready with his transformation tale Amanush, releasing this Friday, with co-star Shrabanti as guide. A t2 chat...

You play a geek with a weird wig in Amanush

Yes. I play Binod, an orphan who has gone through a lot of torture. But Binod is a genius; he gets admission in one of the most happening colleges where he is a complete misfit. And while the others make fun of him, Shrabanti’s character takes an interest in him and grooms him into a handsome young man.

Were you apprehensive about playing a geek in your second big release?

Yes, I was nervous. I think this role has come to me very early in my career and it’s quite a risk to accept it. Maybe I should have done it later in life but I took it up as a challenge after reading the script a few times.

Post-Prem Amar, why did you do some B-grade films like Rahasya, Jeena and Soldier?

Actually, I had shot these films before Prem Amar. The producers of those films wanted Prem Amar to release first because they thought it would increase my star value. My value as an actor did increase after Prem Amar but sadly the films didn’t do well. Now I have become very choosy. To go ahead in life, I need good scripts and Shree Venkatesh Films is backing me. I am in safe hands now.

But Dev, your biggest competitor, is Shree Venkatesh Films’s blue-eyed boy...

Dev is a very good friend of mine. I am not competing with him. But I am very clear about the areas I need to work on. For instance, Dev is a very good dancer and has a powerful screen presence, so I am trying to improve my dancing skills. Dev has a good physique and I hit the gym regularly to build muscle. I hope I can shape my career better now. I need to do a romantic film next because a romantic hero has better acceptance among the audience.

You’re also going back to television as an anchor for the reality show Twinkle Twinkle Dancing Stars. Why?

I haven’t done much TV except for a few episodes of ETV Bangla’s Shudhu Tomari Jonyo and the Doordarshan mega serial Khelaghar. Twinkle Twinkle Dancing Stars is the brainchild of Shree Venkatesh Films and they told me I could be an inspiration to the children participating in the show because I was a child artiste too. That’s why I agreed. After Amanush, I will do another film for Shree Venkatesh.