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The first look of the Klikk Series Wrong Milanti

The new rom-com is a love story between four youngsters

The Telegraph Published 30.05.23, 08:37 AM

Sandip Bhattacharya, Sabuj Bardhan, Durbar Sharma, Piya Debnath, Disha Bhattacharya and Ujjyaini Deb star in the new KLIKK series Wrong Milanti. The new rom-com is a love story between four youngsters. The lead character, Surya, is a modest, ordinary guy. He has a job, and earns a handful, enough to take care of his parents. Life is pretty good for Surya, except that he is unable to find a girl for his marriage. In fact, it is more accurate to say that his best friend Shawon doesn’t let him get married. Neither does he fall in love with any girl, nor lets Surya find a partner for life. Shawon fears losing their bachelorhood, and the consequence is 67 failed marriage proposals for Surya!

Meanwhile, Hiya is an open-minded, independent girl, having no interest in settling down so soon in life. She currently lives in Calcutta and doesn’t want to get back to her hometown because of her father’s continuous pressure regarding her marriage. She cancels every proposal, and that makes her father more anxious. Soon, Surya and Hiya meet through one such marriage proposal. On the first arrival at Hiya’s house, Surya falls in love with her younger sister Jhilik, misunderstanding her as Hiya.

(L-R) Sandip, Sabuj

(L-R) Sandip, Sabuj

"Wrong Milanti has been nothing short of an adventure for me! I was born and brought up in Chalsa. One would have never imagined my hopes would see fruition someday on screen in Calcutta. That's primarily why I chose to narrate my first series as 'our story' made in 'our locales'. A story of residents of Siliguri, Kurseong and Jalpaiguri. One often reminisces the craft of storytelling... in the good old way. Like a Golpo Holeo Shotti, Mouchak or Boshonto Bilaap. I wanted to bring back that genre of simplistic entertainment, replete with laughter and fun galore. That the entire family could watch together. The management at KLIKK is known to often support fresh new talent. They loved the story and gave an opportunity to a newcomer writer-director like me. Thanks also to our senior creative director Joydip Banerjee for mentoring and hand-holding us throughout this journey," said director Subhanjan Basu, who has also written the story and screenplay.

"Wrong Milanti is an out-and-out rom-com series. But in this comedy, we have tried to capture the mood of old Bengali films in some places. It can be said, like a tribute. We hope that the audience will like it. My character's name is Shawon, who is a very reckless, hot-headed boy. His only, friend brother, and guide in life is Surya. He can't think of anything except Surya. Shawon doesn't even have a girlfriend and there is a strange reason behind it. On the other hand, Surya really wants to get married. He also has various marriage proposals, but they all end in failure. All these problems come together and turn into a mess. It's a laughter riot," said Sabuj.

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