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The Bhoot of Rose Ville

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The Telegraph Online   |     |   Published 22.11.10, 12:00 AM

Directed by: Sanghamitra Chaudhuri

Starring: Arpita Mukherjee, Satrajit Majumder, Dron Mukherjee, Souradeep Ghosh, Debapriya Roy

Somewhere in the middle of The Bhoot of Rose Ville you see a corpse lying in the middle of the road at the dead of the night, and the high-on-whisky hero (Satrajit) driving down the road blows the horn to shoo him away. Someone from the audience (at the afternoon show in Nandan 2) cries: ‘Don’t blow the horn. The corpse might get up and run away!’

That’s exactly what The Bhoot of Rose Ville is — a laugh riot trying to pass off as a horror show.

Rose (Arpita) lives in a deserted beach house with her father, who is a priest. She loves Samir (Satrajit), a Hindu, but her father, a staunch Christian, wants her to marry the jobless Robin from their community. Rose promptly falls in love with Robin and the two soon start frolicking on the beach.

But Robin dies in a freak road accident, while Rose is shown making out with him in her house. To her horror, she realises it was his bhoot who was engaged in the passion play.

Without wasting time, Rose falls in love with Samir again and just when they plan to tie the knot, Rose realises the bhoot has made her pregnant! Even as the Nandan audience breaks into peals of laughter, Rose goes ahead with an abortion and marries Samir.

When she returns to the villa to sell it, she finds it haunted by a baby bhoot! Samir comes to her rescue but gets killed by the resident bhoot.

The last shot shows Rose sitting at the entrance of the house in hot pants. We assume she too has become a bhoot.


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