Ten Questions - Dev

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 3.09.08

1 Your sex appeal lies in… My eyes.

2 You look best in… White shirt and blue denim.

3 One thing in a woman that turns you on...

Her sense of humour and intelligence.

4 The sexiest woman you have met... Haven’t met her yet.

5The best compliment you have received (from a woman)…

Nothing as of yet.

6 Your first crush… It was when I was in college. There was a girl who was doing her MBBS and I was head over heels for her! But I could never convey my feelings and then we both moved on with our lives.

7 The wildest thing you have ever done...

It was in Pune. Along with my friends, I had climbed up a remote hilltop to a bungalow at 3am! The bungalow was believed to be haunted but we are still alive!

8 One lesson you learnt from your debut film I Love You... That I should be more hardworking and I should improve my diction.

9 One thing you would never do on screen...

I would never do steamy scenes. I am not comfortable at all.

10 One question you want to be asked…

Where do you want to be in the next 10 years? (And the answer would be: I would like to remain in the film industry.)