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Ted Lasso co-creator Brendan Hunt keeps alive Ted-Rebecca romance and spin-off possibilities

The Jason Sudeikis-led Apple TV+ sports comedy series had its Season 3 finale premiered last week

Saikat Chakraborty Calcutta Published 08.06.23, 03:32 PM
A still from Ted Lasso Season 3.

A still from Ted Lasso Season 3. Apple TV

Jason Sudeikis’s Ted Lasso and Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca could romance each other in a spin-off or a fourth season of Ted Lasso, Brendan Hunt, actor and co-creator of the Apple TV+’s hit sports comedy drama series has said during a Reddit interaction.

“Nothing has been ruled out, everything is possible; but that includes the possibility that we’re done. We won’t know until we’ve sat with it for a while, decompressed,” said the actor.


Asked about a possible romance between Ted Lasso and Rebecca, Hunt, who plays Coach Beard in the show, left all possibilities open. He, however, pointed out that the coach and club owner were each other’s soulmates, but that they could be those people for one another without being romantic. “We have been taught by years and years of television that when there is a male lead and a female lead they end up together,” he wrote. “That can be hard conditioning to see past.”

The Horrible Bosses 2 actor also addressed Ted’s absence at Beard and Jane’s (Phoebe Walsh) wedding, saying it would’ve felt anticlimactic to have him back in the United Kingdom so soon. “I think Beard called Ted and told him he could sit this one out, and Ted said thanks because the ceremony conflicted with a big game for Henry’s soccer team,” Hunt shared.

“The history of their relationship IMO [in my opinion] is long periods of seeing each other and long periods not. We have entered one of the latter, but the former will come around again at some point. They love each other. They will see each other again,” he explained.

The actor-writer also answered multiple questions about Beard’s decision to marry Jane despite her being “abusive” toward him. “The main thing we know about Beard and Jane: He just loves her. She makes life more interesting. Where once he was addicted to meth, he is now, IMO, addicted to her pheromones. Is he making the right long-term decision? Don’t know. Is he doing something that he wants to do right now? Certainly. And there is a joy to be had in that,” he wrote in answer to fan queries.

Hunt said he and fellow creators of the show intentionally kept Ted and Michelle’s (Andrea Anders) fate ambiguous after the former’s return to Kansas. He also talked about Roy and Keeley’s future as a couple. “As for Roy and Keeley, I have known couples who seemed perfect together, and then suddenly find they broke up,” he wrote, explaining why the fan-favourite pair didn’t end up together at the end of season three. “People who haven’t (at least started to) work on their shit can sometimes find that they lose something they wish they’d kept.”

Read the enire Reddit thread here.

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