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By NETAJI SUBHASH ENGINEERING COLLEGE PRESENTED aVENIR 20I3, IN ASSOCIATION WITH t2 Barsheekee Chanda Pictures: Amit Chandra and Prantik Mukherjee
  • Published 1.04.13

Avenir 2013, the annual techno-management fest of Netaji Subhash Engineering College, organised by Phoenix, the official tech club, in association with t2, was held from March 10 to 12. The three-day fest was inaugurated on NSEC’s Garia campus by H.K. Mandal, the director of the college.

The number of participants crossed 2,000 with students from across Bengal taking part in 30 events over the three days.

Many events like Puzzle-duzzle, Quizzard, Encoding, Sudoku, Ad-enacting, Dispute, Arithmos, Hack-trick, Bioscope and Cine-articulate were very popular but the highlights of Avenir 2013 were Robotics, Gaming, Gully Cricket, Treasure Hunt and Freewheeling.

Robotics consisted of six different events — Robowars, I-rescuer, Robosoccer, Wall-avoider, Terra-ranger and Line-follower. The event saw the participation of over a hundred teams and was a hit with the crowd as well.

Gully Cricket, a shorthand tournament with six overs a side, saw over 30 teams fighting it out. The champion? Invincible, a cross college team with members from Future Institute of Engineering and Management, Netaji Nagar Day College and NSEC.

Free-wheeling, introduced this year, was inspired from street plays and saw teams being given themes as diverse as “freedom” and “She takes just like a woman/ She aches just like a woman/ She makes love just like a woman/ But she breaks like a little girl” that they had to present through skit, dance or song. Team Shanta-Nandita from NSEC won this one.

Gaming was another grand success, as the top two teams of India participated in Counter Strike, for a prize money of Rs 40,000 and some amazing gaming gear from Logitech. Other than Counter Strike, NFS-Most Wanted and FIFA 09 were the other attractions for the gamers.

Among the fun events, Treasure Hunt saw over 95 teams wrack their brains to trace the elusive bounty. The participants were given a time limit in which they had to solve various word puzzles from crosswords to cryptograms and anagrams to find clues. Only five teams made it to the fourth and final round in which they had to go all over the campus to get the treasure. Team Chaos from NSEC beat everyone in the hunt.