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Team Picasso get together to launch the trailer of their series in OTT platform KLIKK

Directed by Raja Chanda, the story starts with a phone call received by Shreya, a journalist

The Telegraph Published 27.11.23, 10:20 AM
Tota, Saurav, Roja, Srijla

Tota, Saurav, Roja, Srijla

Team Picasso got together to launch the trailer of the KLIKK series, starring Tota Roy Choudhury, Saurav Das, Srijla Guha, Roja Paromita Dey, and Deboprasad Haldar, at Drunken Teddy. Directed by Raja Chanda, the story starts with a phone call received by Shreya, a journalist. She receives a piece of strange news from her friend Vikram Sen, who used to work as a photographer in the forensic department. The story then focuses on a painter, Palash Mukherjee, who resides in north Calcutta. Everyone calls him Picasso. The series goes on to reveal that after painting two portraits, both the subjects of his portraits die.

“The reactions have been overwhelming. A lot of my fans have responded by saying that they expect something very different from what they've actually seen me in. They loved the trailer, the intrigue of the narrative and they loved the cast. The title Picasso too has been accepted wholeheartedly. My character was a challenging one to essay, with its many layers. It’s a very well-written script. Breathing life onto this canvas has thus been truly a collaborative venture for us. I’ve played a painter before, but not as layered as this character. Audiences will find it rather intriguing,” said Tota.


Srijla plays Shreya who has her mysteries, is vibrant, and has her charm on point. "She is very smart with words in a good way, is hardworking, honest and usually gets her way through things. Picasso has definitely given me a lot of space to experiment with the character. I'm thrilled that the trailer has been loved. The response has been nothing short of overwhelming. It's heart-warming when so many people's labour of love finds acclaim. I'm very choosy about my projects and I'm glad I picked a story as gripping as Picasso. The story has been beautifully crafted and framed by our director, Raja Chanda. He is extremely versatile and patient on the sets and extracts amazing performances out of his cast,” said Srijla.

For Roja, Ananya is one of the most interesting and complicated characters she has played so far. "Understanding and portraying the layers in her personality and how/why she transforms as the story unravels was the biggest challenge. As actors, we crave such characters. The trailer launch was a huge success and I am genuinely overwhelmed by the curiosity it has stirred up. I have been receiving calls and messages all morning from friends and family telling me how much they loved it. I was really excited about this project since it was my first work with Raja da and Tota da. I believe we have done a good job and our audience is going to love it," said Roja.

Pablo Picasso’s name had always been one of intrigue, for Raja Chanda, right from his school days. "Thus, working on a suspense thriller with such an iconic name and character was a matter of great excitement for me as a director. I was also very keen to work with the immensely talented Tota. I’m grateful to him for etching out his character so brilliantly. An overwhelming response has been pouring in from all corners. The audience request for a non-typical storyline has found resonance, as the trailer has created a credible web of mystique and made the viewers' experience intriguing,” said Raja.

"I have worked with the captain of the ship, Rajada, and team KLIKK before, but it was an unknown pitch I was batting in, with my co-actors. I really didn't know how my experience would be. Totada is one of the finest human beings I've ever worked with. I have a huge amount of love and respect for this gentleman. Srijla was such a spontaneous and beautiful actress, Roja was so sweet and I had a wonderful time on the set. The result is there for all to see on screen in the trailer. I have been doing overdramatic characters and have been appreciated for them. But essaying this character arc was different. I have loved playing a fashion photographer for the first time, with many subtle shades in this series," said Saurav.

"We are overwhelmed by the audience's reactions. The storytelling has been finely crafted to make it a thriller of a different essence," said Niraj Tantiya, director, KLIKK.

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