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Talking tea

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  • Published 3.06.08

What: Dolly’s, The Tea Shop.

Where: At Dakshinapan off Dhakuria bridge, opposite the Gurjari showroom. Why: It’s close to a lot of colleges. “And iced tea for 30 bucks in this heat! Why not?” asks mass communication student Devina Mukherjee. Affordability is a big factor in making Dolly’s a hit. “It suits an average student’s budget,” says MBA student Sonal Gupta. Particularly for those who live in the south, Dolly’s hits the spot.

Food: Tea floats, iced tea, brownies, grilled sandwiches, sausages: the list of beverages, snacks and desserts available at Dolly’s is long and delicious.

Dolly personally recommends the ham sandwiches and flavoured iced teas, available in flavours like watermelon and fresh mango. “I really like the iced tea. And the grilled ham sandwiches are yummy,” agrees Sonal.

Freshman Sarbajaya Bhattacharya loves the tea floats and the brownies. “The food isn’t just nice, it’s super-affordable. Which is unlike the other coffee places, where you get a tiny shot of espresso for Rs 22. I even got a discount of Rs 20 here once because I did not have change,” she smiles. Service like that is sure to bring her back for more.

Mood: The place is rather small. Which is what makes it cosy, the perfect spot for some nice adda. “I just love the homely ambience. Since it’s open-air, I can also light up in peace, which is another factor,” grins Devina. “What I like is that you can sit here for a long time without getting kicked out,” points out Sonal. “Whenever I visit my friend’s place close by, we always drop in at Dolly’s. It’s almost become a ritual.”

Downside: The “homely” factor also means that it closes a little too early, even by student standards. And it really is too small; a large group is impossible to accommodate. “We often don’t get a table,” complains Devina. But Sarbajaya’s gang of school friends, who were hanging out at Dolly’s on a pleasant Friday evening, don’t agree. “What’s not to like?” they smiled.

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