t2 decodes two looks of Ushasie 2013 — the covered-up versus the dare-bare

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 2.01.13

“I’m bored of playing the typical intellectual journo in film after film (Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona, Bedroom). So I thought of going the bold way,” Ushasie told t2. In a peekaboo black swimsuit and sarong (picture right), Ushasie is game to go bold! “I am reading a script for an untitled film by Bombay-based ad filmmaker Bibhas Mukherjee where I will sport revealing costumes,” she smiled.

To shape up, Ushasie has been following a no-carb diet for the past few months. “I jog every morning and also hit the gym. Earlier I was overweight and had lots of problem areas like my abs and lower abdomen. But now I’m confident of my body and I want to play characters that require me to wear cleavage-revealing dresses, because my cleavage is quite attractive, I think!” she laughed.

Ushasie has already taken the first steps towards being bold. In Suman Mukhopadhyay’s yet-to-release Kangal Malsat, Ushasie plays a prostitute. “I play Kali, a Kalighat prostitute. I have used expletives and worn a petticoat and blouse throughout. I really enjoyed playing Kali because not many directors think of me when it comes to casting someone for a bold character.”

So how far can she go as far as shedding inhibitions on screen is concerned? “If the script demands I don’t mind sporting a two-piece bikini! I am game for micro-minis and low-neck dresses too. What’s the point of spending so much money on fitness if I can’t fight my inhibitions?! I don’t mind smooching or doing intimate bed scenes either, provided it’s in sync with the character I am portraying. In fact, I had a smooching scene with Rudranil (Ghosh) in Bedroom. Ask Mainak (Bhaumik, director) how comfortable we both were!”

So does she want to bury her plain Jane look for good? “Well, I am an actress and I am game for all kinds of looks. All I’m saying is that people have seen me covered from tip to toe, wearing thick-framed glasses and talking all things intellectual. I want a break now from all that!”

But all that can wait. For, first up is the sari-clad Satyabati in Anjan Dutt’s third Bomkesh Bakshi film.

Kushali Nag