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  • Published 29.04.10

After over a dozen films together, Jeet and Koel Mullick have teamed up for a small-screen outing. But Jeet will remain content pulling the strings from behind the scenes, leaving the spotlight to Koel.

Jeet’s Grassroot Entertainment is presenting Katha Kahini, a reality show for STAR Jalsa, to be anchored by Koel. With a free-wheeling chat format, it aims to bring together estranged couples, bridge the gap between parents and children, and resolve misunderstandings between lovebirds.

“Jeet had casually mentioned this programme to me once while we were returning from a shoot. I found the concept very interesting. After a few days, he asked me if I would anchor the show. It was a huge responsibility, so I discussed it with my family and then said yes!” said Koel, who studied psychology in Gokhale Memorial Girls’ College. “I’ve got a platform to express whatever I had learnt in college. Sharing people’s problems and being able to come up with a solution is very satisfying.”

On the flipside, the taxing shoot would leave her “completely drained” at the end of the day. “I would brood over their problems and take them back home. But I also felt happy when I could resolve a problem. It’s a very different kind of a show and that’s why I decided to be a part of it,” said Koel.

“She is doing a brilliant job as a hostess!” Jeet smiled encouragingly.

Directed by Suvankar Chattopadhyay, who has steered shows like Dance Bangla Dance and Mirakkel, the Katha Kahini team did extensive homework on the relationship stories. “Our team visited the lower courts to find out people with problems. The show will have 65 episodes and we hope to offer variety through this reality show,” said Yubaraj Bhattacharya, STAR Jalsa’s creative head.

Katha Kahini airs at 10.30pm, Monday to Friday, from May 17.