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  • Published 17.04.08

Garnering a record number of votes, he was crowned the 2006 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa champion amid much frenzy and a lot of controversy. Shows live and studio later, DEBOJIT SAHA is back where he began. The Silchar Boy is one of the 18 participants of Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar, a STAR Plus show set to crown the best voice on small screen. A t2 chat with Debojit…

‘Once a champion always a champion’ goes the saying. So why this need to prove yourself again?

The Sa Re Ga Ma Pa crown will always be there with me. No one can take that away. Aami Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar ke competition hishebe nichhi na. I have come here to have fun and match my singing skills with the other participants. This is not really a contest where we are going to stay up nights practising and thinking of ways to outdo each other. All the participants are established singers who have already proved themselves. Moreover, my fans and the audience wanted to see me back on television, and here I am.

Are you saying there will be no competition between contestants?

There will be competition of course, but it will also be a lot of fun. I had never thought that one day Abhijeet Sawant and I would vie for the same title. We all know each other well and there is a great sense of camaraderie. And Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar will also reveal a different side of the personality of each contestant. For example, Amit Sana was telling us that in all the months leading up to the finals of Indian Idol 1, he hasn’t seen Abhijeet Sawant as nervous as he is now.

So what can the audience expect?

Just 12 weeks of pure, unadulterated fun with lots of good music and great singing.

Who will be the superstar?

Every participant is an established singer in his or her own right. So it will be really difficult to answer this question. It really depends on who is the better singer on a particular day.

You have been part of Zee TV and now Zee Bangla for two years. Was there a problem signing up for a STAR Plus show?

Not at all. STAR Plus approached the concerned channels like Sony and Zee TV directly and only after their approval were we signed on. So everything was done through the correct channels (smiles).

What about your stage shows?

We have been asked to allot two days a week for the show as of now. One day for the technical rehearsals and the second is reserved for the actual shoot. I have worked my stage shows and television appearances around this schedule. There is no problem as of now, but I don’t really know about the future.

And your Bollywood assignments?

After a long wait, the music of Jimmy (the Mimoh Chakraborty starrer) is just out. In fact, it is my song (Marhaba) that is being promoted on air right now. It’s a great feeling.