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My space - Koneenica Banerjee

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By TT Bureau
  • Published 18.03.11

Three words sum up actress Koneenica Banerjee’s Bakulbagan home — simple, roomy and tidy. And the Tolly actress does have a hand in keeping it that way. The three-storeyed building in a Bhowanipore bylane, where Koneenica lives with her parents and younger sister Rittika, is also where she lets her hair down after a hectic day. Konee shows t2 how she unwinds...

I find comfort on the couch...

The couch in the living room is my most favourite spot in the house. I like to lie down on the couch and snuggle up with a soft toy (the one I am holding in the picture is the slimmest in my collection). Or watch TV, chat with my mom and nibble on munchies. It is hugely relaxing.

Gardening is fun...

I don’t do much except water the pots but I like walking up to the terrace in the late afternoon. I love to soak in the green and the burst of red, yellow and orange around me.






Facebook, my friend...

I love to Facebook. I have to be there connecting with all for at least an hour everyday. I chat with my boyfriend (who lives in Mumbai), update my status and check other people’s updates. I was addicted to Farmville even a few months back.



Me and my ipod

Music is like chicken soup for my soul. I turn on my iPod whenever I am in the mood for some music. My playlist has more than 350 songs. I love to squat on the staircase with a cup of tea or coffee, leaf through a glossy and listen to any Gulzar or RD Burman number. Sheer bliss!

I can cook machher jhol in five minutes!

I love cooking. I picked it up when I moved to Mumbai three years back. I downloaded recipes from the Net and made them my way. My favourite is machher jhol and I can cook it in five minutes!



One thing you didn’t know about Koneenica...

She is a cleanliness freak. If you drop by without notice, you’re most likely to catch Konee armed with a broom or cloth, dusting furniture and mopping floors. “In my spare time, I am always on a cleaning spree! I can’t stand clutter and dirt. I sort out my wardrobe and put it in order everyday,” says she.

Pranayam is a stress-buster...

I devote half an hour to pranayam every morning. It heals me from within and helps me start the day with a lot of positivity. I have been doing it for the past three years.