Mother Courage

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  • Published 1.12.11

After the dark and fast-paced System, Riingo has shifted his focus to Na Hannyate, a relationship tale starring Roopa Ganguly, Rahul, Priyanka, debutante (and Riingo’s wife) Sayani Datta, Debshankar Halder, Chaiti Ghoshal and Biplab Chakraborty.

Last weekend, the team gathered at the Dhakuria Lakes for the first shot. Aparna Sen dropped by to give the clap and wish Riingo luck. “I hope Riingo will make a good film. He has Roopa on board, who is my favourite,” said the director-actress.

The title apart, Na Hannyate has no similarity with the Maitreyi Devi novel. “Na Hannyate is the story of a husband, wife (Roopa) and their children, played by Rahul and Sayani. We will show Roopa over the span of 32 years. Her character, Jui, lives in a dilapidated house which collapses. She has the option of saving one of the two kids and she chooses Rahul,” said Riingo, in between a mock shoot. “I play a very strong woman in the film,” smiled Roopa, after posing for the camera.

Singer Dibyendu is the music director, but under a new name — Sriram Yousuf. Why?! “Well, I just felt like changing my name!” he said. “I have composed six songs and I also have a cameo as Sayani’s boyfriend,” he added.

Produced by Swapan Pal, Na Hannyate will be shot in Orissa and Calcutta.