Mithun-Roopa finally paired opposite each other

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 11.07.12

They have done three Bengali films (Bangali Babu, Rehmat Ali and Nobel Chor) and one Hindi film (Luck) together, but never have Mithun Chakraborty and Roopa Ganguly been paired opposite each other. “It’s strange we’ve never played a lovey-dovey couple! And in Luck I played his wife, but on the deathbed! We shot for just a day and it was a one-minute scene!” laughed Roopa who has been finally linked with Mithun in Narayan Roy’s masala film Buddhuram Dhol. “But here too the couple don’t unite till the end! I play Mithun’s girlfriend from the past. Fate plays a cruel game and the two lovebirds separate. They do meet at the end, but the romance isn’t there,” she added.

Though an out-an-out masala movie, Roopa is looking forward to the film. “I am very comfortable working with Mithun, though on the sets I’m a bit scared of him! He is a prankster and you never know what he will say when he sees you. He is very moody too and isn’t the serious type. You know, one moment you see him pulling everyone’s leg and the next moment when the camera rolls he slips so easily into the character,” Roopa signed off.

Buddhuram Dhol hits the floors on Thursday.