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Mithun Chakraborty on his latest film Projapati and more

‘One of the takeaways from the film is the importance of a companion in your life... with whom you can talk and share your feelings’

Arindam Chatterjee   |   Published 20.12.22, 04:18 AM

The December 23 film Projapati traces the finer nuances of the bond between a father and his son played by Mithun Chakraborty and Dev. While the son works independently, the father’s quest of finding a match for his son leads to incidents that take forward the story. Projapati also sees Mithun and Mamata Shankar coming together in a film after 46 years. A candid chat with Mithun...

In a chat, Avijit Sen, the director of Projapati, had told us that you are his  idol... that you are his biggest inspiration to get into film-making. Your name was first on the list of heroes he looked up to in his growing-up years...


It makes me nostalgic... and it makes me emotional. Interestingly, Avijit was born in 1976, the year that Mrinal Sen’s Mrigaya came out, for which I got the National Award. When I got to know about Avijit, I was surprised. And now, he has directed me in a film. He is a brilliant director.

In 2007, Avijit had worked with Rajkumar Hirani as an assistant in Lage Raho Munna Bhai. While working on that film, one of the members from the directorial team had pointed out your house in Madh Island to him. Fifteen years later, Dev, Avijit and (producer) Atanu Raychaudhuri visited your home and you whipped up a Bengali spread for them....

Yes, I cooked luchi, chholar dal, aloor dom, chicken, begun bhaaja for them... that was my way of evoking Bangaliana.

Do you cook only on special occasions?

When I am at home, I cook at least one dish almost every day... from Bengali to Chinese cuisine. I cook a few Continental dishes too... also North Indian. Biulir dal and posto are huge favourites at home.

How was Day One on the sets of Projapati?

It went off smoothly. I had worked with Avijit before for television, and he is so calm and cool. On one or two occasions on Day One, I noticed that he was being a bit hesitant about asking for a second take, if required. I could sense it... and then I told him nicely that if he feels that a second take is required, then he must not hesitate to tell me. After that everything went off really well.

What’s your criterion for selecting films now?

The stories should move me. When you watch Projapati, you’ll know why I decided to be a part of it. Projapati has a brilliant subject. You’ll feel for all the characters. The film has dealt with so many themes beautifully. One of the takeaways from the film is the importance of a companion in your life... with whom you can talk about everything, with whom you can share your feelings.

How was your experience of working with Dev?

It was wonderful... I have known him for so many years now... Dev is an amazing human being... he respects his seniors. If Dharamji (Dharmendra) or Hema Maliniji walks into a room where I’m in, I’ll immediately stand up as a mark of respect. No one has to tell me that. I see that same quality, of giving respect to elders, in Dev. We share an easy camaraderie and it shows on screen.... we understand each other really well. Dev’s performance in Projapati has moved me... he has performed brilliantly. His silence speaks volumes in the film.

Do you get time to watch films?

No... I don’t watch films... not even my films. I only see my films during dubbing.


I don’t want to get emotionally attached to my films. What if the films don’t work at the box office?

Do you remember the last film, your own film maybe, that you had watched in the theatres?

I don’t remember. Somehow I feel if you watch a powerful performance of an actor, you tend to imitate him. It plays on your mind... which I don’t want. These days I try to shoot for three films in a year.

You worked with Mamata Shankar after 46 years...

We are the same... just take away the number of years... we started from where we had left off in Mrigaya. She is a great actress.

Why do you feel people are looking forward to your pairing once again in Projapati?

Because of the natural way we perform... our behaviour.

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