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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 31.01.09

He is all of 24 (!), a resident of Salt Lake and a finalist in Grasim Mr India 2006. Angshuman Gupta is the lucky man who’s got the chance to get up close and very personal with Rituparna Sengupta in today’s release Trishna.

Although Bollywood is where his heart lies, Angshuman is on cloud nine to be debuting opposite “Tollywood’s No.1 heroine”.

“I shifted to Mumbai after the Mr Grasim contest and did a couple of ad films. But since acting is my passion, I started knocking on the doors of various production houses, including Yash Raj Films. But I was turned down. I met Ritudi (Rituparna) through some common friends and she introduced me to Pritamda (Jalan), who offered me Trishna,” he says.

But the newcomer had no trouble doing the steamy scenes with Rituparna. “I was a little uncomfortable initially, but when you have a co-star who is so comfortable and supportive then everything becomes a cakewalk. Besides, I want to become an actor and so I shouldn’t have inhibitions,” explains the Calcutta-born UP-ite.

“I can speak Bengali since I grew up in Calcutta, so relating to my role wasn’t difficult at all.”

In Trishna, Angshuman plays fashion photographer Raj, who falls in love with Rituparna’s Tiasha. “I liked my character. Raj isn’t unidimensional. He is a flirt who falls for an enigmatic woman. I think the youth will connect with my character,” says Angshuman, on to his second film Comeback opposite, who else, but Rituparna.

“I play a cop in the film. I am ready for more in Tollywood but I am also waiting for an opportunity in Bollywood,” he smiles.