Mallika’s stalker story

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By Noyon Jyoti Parasara
  • Published 16.07.18
Mallika Sherawat. (Getty Images)

Mallika Sherawat has been an actor for nearly two decades and has been part of films that shattered barriers &  taboos, such as Khwahish and Murder. Yet, she has been talked about more for what she wore than for her capabilities as a performer. 

In recent years, with work drying up, she has managed to stay in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, including allegedly being thrown out of her apartment in Paris.

As she returns to India to try and start a second innings, The Woods caught up with her. Her first offering is an episode in a web series called The Story, which she says is based on a true chapter from her life.
The Woods: What is your episode in The Story all about?

Mallika:  It is actually a true incident. I shared with the director a few incidents that happened in my life. And he convinced me that with all that’s happening with women in the country today, the harassment at work and home, this is the right time to share my story. 

I am sure you have had many stalkers. What was different about this particular incident?

This was the worst one. Harassment calls are a part of everyone’s life. But this man tried to kill me because he was offended by my short skirt. And he was extremely offended by a statement I made in one of my interviews when I said women were treated like cattle in Haryana. He said why couldn’t I wear a sari and cover my head. He wanted to see me as a Sati Savitri and was obsessed with the idea. And he actually tried to kill me. I lodged an FIR and the cops caught him. He was judging me on basis of what I was wearing, which happens all the time in India. Women are judged on the basis of the clothes they wear. If a girl wears a short skirt, it is seen as an invitation to rape. Victim blaming mentality is prevalent.

Are you married, or still dating Cyrill?

Why are you getting into my personal space?
Let’s talk about The Story. This is your debut on the web…

I like the web. I think we have a lot of creative space. There are no boundaries. 
There have been arguments on censorship on web content. What’s your take?

I am not in favour of it. I think a filmmaker should have the freedom to express his idea and the Internet is the perfect medium. 
Tell us about the most lovable stalker you have had?

My most lovable stalker has also been a Haryanvi halwayi, who would tell me I should get married to him and that he would make jalebi, halwa and laddoo for me.
What really happened in Paris? 

I don’t want to talk about it.