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  • Published 3.11.08

Cliche is the most revered word in the world of Tolly potboilers, especially when the leading man is Prosenjit, a thespian of all things formulaic. It’s the same old revenge story, the same old song-and-dance, the same old sobs and laughs, the same old stunts and blows, the same old villains.... More funny than fearful.

Only the heroine is new in Mahakaal. Debutante Indira should be happy as she gets to sing and dance with Prosenjit though the music is a dud. The two item numbers, one of which has voluptuous women shaking their booty to a shoddy remix of Golemaale golemaale pirit koiro na, are sleazy rather than catchy.

The rest of Mahakaal is riddled with squeals, shrieks, howls and snarls. There’s a sister who gets raped, a friend who turns sinister and a bunch of cops who hobnob with the villains. In short, a series of brainless situations and banal events.

Prosenjit tries yet again to look like a college boy (!) in search of a job. Though instead of job-hunting, he spends the first half of the film bullying freshers and wooing Indira. Elder bro Tapas Pal teaches in a college and roughs up baddies in his free time (!).

It’s a happy family that lives together and sings together, till the baddies surface and incur Bumbada’s (Prosenjit) wrath.

Badman Kaushik Banerjee looks ridiculous with white silky hair, shiny jacket and two plump phirang babes on his arm. Labony as the wronged woman walks and talks like a battery-operated decked-up doll.

Not even Bumbada’s bloodbath could spur his loyalists into action (ceetees and taalis) at Saturday’s evening show in Darpana, which said it all.