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Macho Mustanaa and its Moolah. plus, the after-party

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 12.03.12

Car blasts, smart costumes, Bollywood-inspired song sequences and the Mauritius seascape. Macho Mustanaa, starring Hiraan and newcomer Pooja, does look expensive.

With a plot assembled in chunks from Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Ghajini, Macho Mustanaa is half-love story, half-action. It starts with Nawab (Hiraan) falling in love with Diya (Pooja) and incurring the wrath of her rich father. The father hires killers to wipe out the hero’s family and throws him behind bars. There, in his dinky cell, Hiraan plots his fight for justice with the help of a human rights activist (Dolon Roy).

Director Reshmi Mitra tells t2 why Macho Mustanaa is the most expensive film (made on a Rs 7-crore budget) to roll out of Tollywood...

● There are 21 action sequences in the film and for each sequence we have done computer graphics, which is very expensive.

● The costumes have been designed by Mumbai-based Rohit Verma. Not just for the the lead couple, we spent a huge amount on the costumes for the supporting cast too.

● For the three song sequences shot in Mauritius, we chose virgin locations. The Jaane jana song, composed by Samidh, was shot in Mauritius National Park. For Rukega badal, we did a lot of special effects, like freeze frame, which increased the budget.

● For the song sequences, we got Mauritian dancers and a few dancers from Australia as well.

● We shot for 10 days in Burdwan Rajbari and then we had to reshoot the title track because the censor board objected to the word ‘mustafa’ (the film was earlier titled Macho Mustafa). We had to delete ‘mustafa’ with Rotography, which again is a very costly process.

● We did DI (Digital Intermediate) for the entire film. This is the first Tolly film where DI has been done from start to finish.

Hiraan grooves with wife Anindita Sara Khan, who has an item number in the film, burns the dance floor along with Pooja after the premiere at Fame (South City).
▲ Macho Mustanaa
couple Hiraan and Pooja
◄ Samidh, Reshmi Mitra, Hiraan, producer P.P. Tewari, Pooja and Sara at the post-premiere party at Hops, South City Mall, on Friday
Pictures by Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya