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Lukochuri finds magic in love and loneliness

The screenplay, dialogue and direction are by Rajat Roy and Arunava Mukherjee

The Telegraph Published 28.04.23, 11:44 AM
(Left) Sabuj and Aishi (Right) A moment from Lukochuri

(Left) Sabuj and Aishi (Right) A moment from Lukochuri Stock Photographer

Aishi Bhattacharya and Sabuj Barddhan star in the short film Lukochuri, which is an adaptation of The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond. Lukochuri is the story of two strangers, Bahudorshi and Suranjana, who come across each other after a seminar. Bahudorshi is visually impaired and he tries not to reveal his inability. And after spending time with each other Suranjana leaves without revealing much about her identity. And this mystery captures the mind of Bahudarshi. He tries to look for Suranjana after she leaves, but then he discovers the truth about her identity, which empties a corner of his heart.

The screenplay, dialogue and direction are by Rajat Roy and Arunava Mukherjee. "The idea of ​​this work has been around for a long time since I read The Eyes Have It as a child. Both Arunava and I have always enjoyed writing about love and working on love stories. But this story is not exactly about love, it's about finding the definition of love in a new person and of course about loneliness! There's magic in love and loneliness and this magic is every Bengali's favourite magic I guess. The story has an additional character that is Calcutta! And Wishav has beautifully captured the afternoon of Calcutta with his lens. From the beginning, the goal was to make the work look very good. Both Aishi and Sabujda have done a great job," says Rajat Roy. Lukochuri is streaming on YouTube now.


"This story by Ruskin Bond has a lot of visuals. Ever since I started telling stories with the camera, I have repeatedly thought of how would I make this particular piece if I could make it. From there the process of making Lukochuri began. We all had a common love for Ruskin Bond, so the bonding formed immediately. This film is independently made and our team has worked very hard to make it look beautiful. As I believe every love story should express the beauty of life," says Arunava.

"Every actor is in search of good scripts and so do I. Lukochuri is one such script that I've loved working on as an actor. We shot the film with a small crew. The results are creating a long-lasting impression on the viewer's mind. Lukochuri provides a breath of fresh air," says Aishi.

"Bro Bon has done some amazing projects over the years. I have been watching them as a viewer for so long. This is my first work with them as an actor. They are a very serious and focused team. After its release, we are witnessing the love of people surrounding the film. We are overwhelmed! And I'm very hopeful about Bro Bon also. I strongly believe that in the near future, their creativity will be reflected on a large canvas," says Sabuj.


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