‘I don’t expect much in life,’ says Sunny Leone — mother, entrepreneur, actress and TV show host

The popular reality show Splitsvilla is back on MTV and so is Sunny Leone with a refreshing take on dating — ‘Emotions vs Science’. The 37-year-old took on a few questions from t2 over email. 

  • Published 8.08.18

The popular reality show Splitsvilla is back on MTV and so is Sunny Leone with a refreshing take on dating — ‘Emotions vs Science’. The 37-year-old took on a few questions from t2 over email. 

What is it that makes you come back to Splitsvilla season after season?

I love the show itself and it’s so nice to escape my own reality and enter the world of Splitsvilla. I like watching the contestants evolve through the show. 

Do you approach each season differently as a host?

I approach the season as I always do… with so much excitement to see what will happen. There is no way to plan how the show is going to go because there is no script. The contestants decide what happens and what changes. I am up for the ride. 

Has being a part of Splitsvilla through these seasons made you rediscover different facets of not only Sunny, the host and entertainer, but also Sunny, the person?

I learn a lot about human nature and also add in my life experiences to help the contestants out. Because they are all young and beautiful, they react based on how young they are. It’s really an interesting experience. 

Your children (daughter Nisha and sons Noah and Asher) accompanied you to the shoot this season. How was that different and though they are quite young, do they have a sense of the exciting career that you have?

No, they have no idea. All kids care about is that they get proper attention and love. The best thing about this show is the hours are predictable and I usually have my mornings and later afternoons to spend time with them. They had so much fun and I want my kids to experience being in different places and develop great immune systems. My daughter Nisha experienced things she would never experience in the city. She saw things and was outside playing all day (at Jim Corbett National Park). My boys also spent a lot of time outdoors and swimming every day. I can’t give them these things in Mumbai. So I’m very lucky I can give them this. 

Has being a mother changed you as a person? Is Daniel a hands-on dad?

Yes, completely but for the better and Daniel is the greatest dad. Both Daniel and I are hands-on parents. We both change diapers, give baths, feed our kids, soothe them and play with them. I’m so proud I have a husband who is so involved because I always hear about men who say they would never change a diaper. It’s a fact that changing diapers and giving baths are some of the best bonding moments with your babies. We have great help but we both prefer doing it ourselves as much as possible. 

What’s your favourite thing to do with each of your three kids?

With Nisha, both Daniel and I have different things to do but mine is teaching her things and taking her to places where she can play and sing. We just went to a Tinker Bell party in Los Angeles and it was so much fun watching her and playing with her. Book time every evening is also one of my favourite times of the day. She is so smart. With the boys, they are months old and are growing so fast, so spending time, talking to them and reading to them... but my favourite thing is bath time, which my nannies all know I like doing myself. They always wait for me. 

Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber with their daughter Nisha and sons Noah and Asher

What’s been the best reaction that you’ve got so far to Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone?

The best reaction is simply that people have liked it. I don’t expect much in life, so it was a surprise that it’s gotten such a great response. 

In just a few years in India, you’ve diversified into different things — acting, hosting and even writing for Juggernaut. Which role has been the most creatively fulfilling?

The most fulfilling has been starting my own cosmetics line called Star Struck. I am hands-on with every detail and I love watching my idea and dream come true. We were so overjoyed when in our presale we sold out and have been getting great reviews. I created something that I love and I believe that women would like. There is so much stuff coming out and I’m so excited and it’s all mine. Daniel and I do not have partners and we have invested ourselves. So it makes me even more proud that we needed no one to get to this point. It’s a testament that it is possible to do anything you dream of on your own. 

When you aren’t working, what’s a typical day in your life like? Is Sunny Leone as regular as the rest of us?

Well, before kids, I enjoyed indulging in arts of any kind, and reading. Now every second I am free is (spent) with my kids. (Smiles)

If you had the freedom to remake a film today — Holly or Bolly — which would it be and what role would you want to play in it?

I wouldn’t want to remake any film that was already made. I would want to make a film that would be my own.

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