June’s daughter shines bright on the tolly club ramp

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By Saionee Chakraborty
  • Published 20.11.12

She calls The Tollygunge Club her “second home”, having spent time on the greens since her pram days! And on Saturday night, Shivangini Maliah the model was born on the club ramp at Elan 2012 — Tolly Fashion Show. The annual fashion do where members walk the ramp saw June, looking gorgeous in a Benarasi, cheering on her darling daughter from the audience.

Post-show, the 20-year-old shared her excitement with t2.

Feeling relieved?

Yeah! Relieved! Just happy. I wasn’t too nervous. This was my first time on the ramp. I would like to thank my friends… Siddharth, Siya, Kishalay, Ekta… they forced me to take part! I am very grateful to Jessica for grooming me and the others and thanks to Binka aunty (Tollygunge Club CEO A.R. Mukerji’s wife) for her love and support. I wanted to do my best. I hope to take part in the show next year too and hope to do better. I messed up a lot in the rehearsals, but luckily, Jessica didn’t scold me!

Your mom is such a pro when it comes to the ramp. Did she give you any tips?

She was shocked when I told her that I would take part in the show. I am extremely proud that my family has allowed me to take part. She made me walk… early in the morning at nine she’d wake me up and make me walk! She said, ‘Walk well… put your hands on your waist and do not bend your legs!’

Do you want to be a model?

Not exactly, but I want to be like my mom! That’s my aim… someday I hope to be successful (like her).

How much of an influence is your mother when it comes to what you wear?

Lots. In fact she is the one who chooses my outfits. She normally buys me skirts and shorts, which I like! I like shopping with my mom because we both are shopaholics. I trust her blindly when it comes to shopping! The (purple) dress that I am wearing right now is my favourite among all the things that she has bought me. She got it from Sydney. I want my mom’s saris and, of course, her shades! She has lots of them… it is difficult to count!