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Interior designer Ajay Arya tells you which colours to work at home this summer

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The Telegraph Online Published 01.05.14, 12:00 AM


The colours this summer are blue and crimson contrasting with slate grey or khaki or mushroom. While blue is a cool colour, crimson will add to the vibrance of summer.

For elements that are more permanent and possibly cannot be changed (like heavy furniture and walls) with the season or mood, you could accessorise with accents that could be highlighted with colours like crimson and blue.

The colours could show up in furnishings like cushions, bed linen, curtains, blinds and other home accessories, both utilitarian and decorative.

While crimson symbolises Indian summer, placid blue is the refreshing transitional tone between the changing seasons.


In the living area, jazz up your couch with cushions in bright shades, like crimson. You could also coordinate solids with graphic digital prints.

Summery floral prints also work well on cushions and curtains.

For the floor, use light dhurries, throws and runners, instead of carpets.

While three walls could be painted a neutral off-white, the fourth wall could act as the ‘feature wall’ painted in an accent colour like blue or in a statement hue like khaki.

In the living space, set up one or two pieces of furniture that could be edgy in design, in blue or crimson. Other pieces in the space could be in natural wooden tones.

Let everyday objects like tissue boxes, trays, place mats, towels be more fun by getting them in colours like blue or red.

Don’t forget to add a bunch of fresh flowers in a vase. It works as a breather to the eye in the scorching heat.

Fill an urli with water and float fresh flowers.

Text: Neha Banka

Pictures: B. Halder

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