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By She may have got stuck on the word 'Kamzori' during the shooting of Fashion, but Mugdha Godse displays no weakness on debut eve SAIONEE CHAKRABORTY
  • Published 16.09.08
Mugdha Godse. Picture by Rashbehari Das

After scorching many an aisle, Pune PYT Mugdha Godse has catwalked into Bollywood. She is ready to hit a theatre near you with her debut vehicle Fashion, Madhur Bhandarkar’s take on fashiondom. t2 caught up with the 5’9”' dusky dame on Friday at the inauguration of Gold’s Gym at Alipore.

How did you land Fashion?

I was shooting an ad with Madhur Sir for a jewellery campaign when he offered me the movie. It was a year back. I decided to do it because firstly, it was Madhur Sir’s. He is such a famous director. Secondly, because I felt closely connected to it.

How would you describe Fashion?

An emotional journey.

Tell us about your role...

I play Janet, one of the three central characters in the film. She is an outgoing girl, very vibrant, very bold, very outspoken. It is about the journey that she goes through. It is about the emotions of being a model.

You were the only real model in the film… did you teach the others a thing or two about your profession?

Actually, I did not really give them any tips. They are all very good actors and they had done their homework. Kangana (Ranaut) and Priyanka (Chopra) asked me a few things like whether we models go partying in the same clothes after a fashion show.

Did you pick up any tips from them?

Priyanka taught me how to put glycerine. I had no clue how to do that.

Favourite moments from the filming...

Oh! There are so many of them. I’ll tell you one very funny incident. There was this particular dialogue where I had to speak the word ‘kamzori’, and I kept saying ‘weakness’. I just got stuck on that one line. Everyone kept saying that it is a good sign and that all good actors get stuck at least once.

You also did a workshop with Anupam Kher. What was the experience like?

It was very good. It opened up all the pores.

How much do you think Madhur Bhandarkar has understood the fashion fraternity?

He has done fantastic research. Madhur Sir has got the exact emotions of a model, what a model goes through in her day-to-day life. It is about a model’s mindset. It is about how a wrong decision can take her the wrong way. Anyone can show a ramp walk or cat fights. But to really understand how the industry functions you have to be a part of the industry. Madhur Sir has got it 200 per cent right.

You have worn a swimsuit in the film. Was that a big deal?

I wore a bikini. It is a big deal because I don’t want to get slotted in any particular role. But I don’t have any hang-ups as such. I have a good body and I think I can carry it off pretty well. I am obviously not going to wear a bikini if the role doesn’t demand it.

Upcoming projects

I have signed a three-film deal with Percept Pictures and am in the process of reading scripts.

When will we see you on the ramp again?

I have reduced the number of shows. If I do come back, the moolah will decide that.


Little black dress or little blue dress

Little blue dress.

Favourite catwalk destination


Fitness mantra

Eat well, gym regularly and drink lots of water.

Fittest Bolly star — male

Hrithik Roshan.

Fittest Bolly star — female

Shilpa Shetty.

Someone’s body you really envy

Shilpa Shetty. Her body looks sculpted.

Three things that you need to be a supermodel

The right attitude, great body and good height. Your face isn’t all that important.

Pet peeve

Egotistic people.

Two quick tips to get stylish

Be simple and do not go for many colours.

Modelling or music videos or movies

Movies (as of now that is!)

Favourite designer

Manish Arora and Nari (Narendra Kumar).

Favourite supermodels

Naomi Campbell and Jesse Randhawa.

One thing that people don’t know about your profession

That we are also human beings!


Not in another 10 years.