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By A wrap-up of the Scottish Church fest MALINI BANERJEE
  • Published 9.03.08
The band competition in full blast at Caledonia ’08, Scottish Church College’s annual fest organised in association with t2. Picture by Sanat Kumar Sinha

What: Caledonia ’08, Scottish Church College’s four-day fest in association with t2.

Fundoo event: The Chao Quiz. While it may not have drawn the masses, there’s always a hard-core following. “Chao Quiz, derived from the word keoda, is a take on the ‘punny’ side of life,” grinned a second-year economics student. Conducted by ex-students and event manager Partha De, the quiz threw mind-benders like “Which city is known for selling lingerie?” (Brussels; pronounced ‘bra-sells’) and “Which city in India is known for its tall female population?” (Shillong; pronounced ‘she-long’). Both the winning team and the first runners-up were from Scottish Church College, while Presidency came third.

Thanda show: Not quite as happening as the Chao Quiz was the general quiz, held on Day 3. The preliminary round included no-brainers like “Which state in India is the dish dal-baati-churma from?” and “Which brand calls itself the next best thing to naked?” The sitters in the finals included identifying Pandit Yesudas’s voice from an audio track of the movie Daud and naming the album after listening to the track Bebot by the Black Eyed Peas. Presidency scooped up this one, while Scottish Church came second.

The one that rocked: Was the band competition. Mohiner Ghoraguli classic Prithibi was a crowd favourite, with the audience breaking into thunderous applause both the times it was played. Other covers included everything from Californication to Another Brick In The Wall to We Will Rock You. Chronic Zone of Heritage Institute of Technology sang their way to the top, while Metalage came second with their rendition of Metallica numbers and Prithibi-singers Karmic Influence from the host institution came third.

Also rans: Competitions like Bengali Jam, Cali Couple, Ad Spoof and Mock Parliament. There were also guest performances by Pseudonym, Kryptic and Jack Rabbit and Abhinanda Sarkar of Sunsilk Gang of Girls fame. The socials night saw performances by Kryptic, Shayne Hyrapiet and Fossils.