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By Two blockbusters, a string of hits and a whole lot of flops summed up the bollywood q3 Which of these films are you most looking forward to and why? Tell t2@abp.in
  • Published 10.10.11


Release date: 01.07.2011

What: A case of parcel swap lands three Delhi roommates in one howlarious situation after another in this Aamir Khan production starring nephew Imran. The film with which Bollywood grew up.

Thumbs up: Genuinely funny and path-breaking, the strong ensemble cast, Ram Sampath’s music — from DK Bose to I hate you (like I love you), Aamir’s fun cameo in the end credits, the running time.

Thumbs down: The potty humour and the free flow of fu**ing curses alienated sections of the audience.

t2 review: ... Delhi Belly is insanely funny. It is able to create that rare space and feel in a movie hall, where an innocuous frame or an inane line... can make you go plain hysterical. Verdict: SUPERHIT


Release date: 01.07.2011

What: An ageing but young-at-heart hitman takes on a gang of goons out to eliminate his son.

Thumbs up: Amitabh Bachchan, the fun dialogues.

Thumbs down: Wafer-thin plot, too many characters.

t2 review: The plot is next to nothing, the characters are one too many and the screenplay disjointed, but you don’t really care as long as a 6’2” frame keeps your eyeballs engaged.

Verdict: average


Release date: 08.07.2011

What: The lives of an ex-cop, a seductress and a

cross-dressing serial killer on the loose collide in this steamy saga of sex and violence.

Thumbs up: Prashant Narayan’s serial killer act, Jacqueline Fernandez’s oomph, the music.

Thumbs down: Flat and contrived, fails to adapt a foreign film to an Indian milieu.

t2 review: Yes, the Bhatts have done it again. Copy-pasted yet another film. And this time they have discovered the Korean rack in the DVD library.

Verdict: HIT


Release date: 08.07.2011

What: A group of kids in a housing complex befriend an urchin, pulling out all the stops to protect their new friend and his dog in this film that tugged at the


Thumbs up: Simple and soulful, the uninhibited ensemble cast.

Thumbs down: A little overdone in parts.

t2 review: A rare Bollywood film without foreign locales, big stars or a heaving item girl, Chillar Party has the power to suck you in quickly and the pluck to grow on you.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 15.07.2011

What: Three friends on a bachelor trip in Spain learn to leave the past behind and live for the moment in this Zoya Akhtar film about life and love.

Thumbs up: The perfect cast — Hrithik to Farhan, Katrina to Kalki, moments that stay on, the exotic Spanish locales, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music.

Thumbs down: A tad too long.

t2 review: On the surface, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is about a bachelor holiday of three men, where each one of them has a daredevil task planned that all of them have to do. But beyond all the fun and games it's a beautifully scripted journey of catharsis for this trio, who are all battling some episode from their past.



Release date: 22.07.2011

What: An upright man in uniform takes on an

extortionist in this classic cop-versus-criminal actioner.

Thumbs up: Ajay Devgn, the gravity-defying stunts, the hand-to-hand action scenes.

Thumbs down: Loses steam midway, the romantic subplot.

t2 review: (Ajay) Devgn in Singham is able to impart on screen a raw, brutal force that merges perfectly with his brand of earnestness and integrity.

Verdict: blockbuster


Release date: 29.07.2011

What: This low-budget, low-on-publicity film

chronicles the last days of Adolf Hitler.

Thumbs up: Raghuvir Yadav as Hitler.

Thumbs down: Inconsistent, lacks logic,

listless performances.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 05.08.2011

What: A sparkling story of an ordinary boy with

desperate dreams and tremulous hopes determined to carve out his place under the sun.

Thumbs up: The simple and stark storyline, the performances — led by Harsh Mayar as Chhotu.

Thumbs down: The fact that it didn’t draw crowds.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 12.08.2011

What: The pros and cons of reservation in the education system and the impact that it has on students and student-makers made up this Prakash Jha film.

Thumbs up: Amitabh Bachchan as an upright college principal.

Thumbs down: The film changes its subject midway and remains no longer about aarakshan.

t2 review: The only common thing between the two halves of Aarakshan is that both are equally boring.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 12.08.2011

What: A psychic helps a young man trace his missing wife in this supernatural thriller that brings back the 1920 pair of Rajneesh Duggal and Adah Sharma. Phhir barely lasted a week in most theatres.

Thumbs up: Some genuine spine-chilling moments.

Thumbs down: Lacks originality, no publicity.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 19.08.2011

What: Sanjay Dutt plays a bumbling cop in this Pink Panther rip-off. We couldn’t figure out the rest of the film.

Thumbs up: Nothing.

Thumbs down: Everything.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 19.08.2011

What: An aspiring actress helps her deranged lover kill and then dump the body of a young man in this Ram Gopal Varma film inspired by the Neeraj Grover murder case.

Thumbs up: A few shock-and-awe moments.

Thumbs down: All (warped) style and little substance.

t2 review: Every RGV film is now an exercise in how a director, who was one of the best in the business, can lose his sense and sensibility, pride and prejudice, to his fixation with the cinematic form.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 19.08.2011

What: A pertinent tale of land-grab in the Hindi heartland. Sahi Dhandhe... had its heart in the right place, but few knew when this Parvin Dabas film came

and went.

Thumbs up: A premise with promise, the


Thumbs down: Lack of big stars, too slow.

t2 review: The hardcore film told in a light-hearted fashion, however, leaves much to be desired in terms of the screenplay and the humour.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 26.08.2011

What: This small-budget film without any big names had a middle-aged divorcee and mother of two falling in love with a younger man, only to find society turning against her.

Thumbs up: Nothing.

Thumbs down: Everything.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 26.08.2011

What: Two footballer friends turn foes when politics colours their selection in the local team.

Thumbs up: An earnest effort.

Thumbs down: Disjointed in parts, lack of publicity.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 26.08.2011

What: Revolving around the lives of seven couples entwined in complex relationships, this

small-budget film lasted less than a week in theatres despite the ample skin show.

Thumbs up: The novel premise.

Thumbs down: Everything else.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 31.08.2011

What: Salman Khan plays a bumbling bodyguard to Kareena Kapoor in this action-romance that broke many a box-office record. Bodyguard is now the

second biggest money-earner in Bollywood, right behind 3 Idiots.

Thumbs up: Salman’s star power, the action sequences.

Thumbs down: No plot and no logic, Himesh Reshammiya’s music.

t2 review: Bodyguard is so archaic and absurd that you actually wait for the music videos which pop up every second reel.... Ironically, in the middle of all the mindless mayhem, Salman himself is very good. No matter how preposterous the plot and contrived the character, he commits himself fully.



Release date: 31.08.2011

What: A young woman raises her voice against

the orthodox Pakistani society she has been born into in this film with a strong message at its core.

Thumbs up: The novel premise, the credible

performances, the songs.

Thumbs down: Lacks universal appeal, trite in parts.

t2 review: Writer-director Mansoor spins his yarn a tad too elaborately and so despite the love and care that every shot in every scene exudes, the journey becomes laborious.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 02.09.2011

What: A young woman struggles to cope with the men and machinations of the Mumbai

underbelly in the quest of her father.

Thumbs up: The hard-hitting premise,

the performances.

Thumbs down: The subject is very niche.

t2 review: The most heartening bit about That Girl in Yellow Boots is that (Anurag) Kashyap, for the first time, doesn’t deliberately complicate proceedings. His self-indulgence has often overcooked many a celluloid delicacy but here he is in check.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 09.09.2011

What: A young man matchmakes for his brother — only to fall in love with the fiancee.

Thumbs up: The fresh Imran Khan-Katrina Kaif pairing, the breezy narrative, the feel-good factor, Dhunki and Madhubala.

Thumbs down: Lacks logic in parts.

t2 review: Imran and Katrina make sure you sit in that plex chair, eyes wide open with a smile fixated on your face, and just let them happen to you.

Verdict: SEMI-hit


Release date: 23.09.2011

What: An Indian player in the Canadian ice hockey team has to grapple with racial discrimination and petty politics in this underdog sports film co-produced by Akshay Kumar.

Thumbs up: A rare sports film.

Thumbs down: Filled with stereotypes.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 23.09.2011

What: A young couple battle time, space and societal prejudices in this Pankaj Kapur film about love and longing.

Thumbs up: An innate old-world charm, some

well-shot sequences, Kapur’s eye for detail.

Thumbs down: Overlong and boring second half.

t2 review: ....unfortunately all these little touches don’t stack up in Mausam. It needed two actors who could make you invest in them and redeem themselves over their buckets of tears and your buckets of popcorn. Shahid and Sonam just look good.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 30.09.2011

What: Two rivals in love pull out all the stops to woo a young woman — and then do everything they can to lose her in this mess of a movie.

Thumbs up: You must be joking!

Thumbs down: Too many to count.

t2 review: There isn’t anything in Hum Tum Shabana that doesn’t grate on your nerves. The performances range from listless to loud, the

comedy is lowbrow, the production values border on the tacky and Sagar Ballary not only loses the plot, he often forgets to have one in the first place!

Verdict: flop


Release date: 30.09.2011

What: A cop must protect his life and his love in this classic good versus evil story.

Thumbs up: John Abraham’s body, a bubbly Genelia D’souza, the hardcore action.

Thumbs down: Weak in parts.

t2 review: Force delivers what it promises —

bone-crunching and jaw-dropping action and a love story that gives the action its emotional punch.

Verdict: AVERAGE


Release date: 30.09.2011

What: A lonely wife turns to another man for sex and solace in this audacious tongue-in-cheek

homage to Guru Dutt’s timeless classic Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam.

Thumbs up: The ballsy plot, the in-your-face


Thumbs down: Lack of publicity.

t2 review: Like Maqbool and Dev D, this gritty yet dazzling movie of decadence, lust and violence will go down as a brilliant departure in recent times.

Verdict: FLOP


Release date: 30.09.2011

What: An underworld don puts his weight behind a film

starring his mistress. That’s all we were able to figure out in this Dev Anand howler.

Thumbs up: ???!!!

Thumbs down: The fact that the film was made.

Verdict: FLOP



Release date: 06.10.2011

What: Two con men do all they can to win the heart of one woman. With disastrous results — for the audience.

Thumbs up: The star cast — Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Kangana Ranaut.

Thumbs down: Regressive and

repulsive, too much

toilet humour.

t2 review: It’s dirty and rotten, to the point of being almost





Release date: 07.10.2011

What: It’s a choice between the heart and the head for a young man and woman who are committed to different

people but yearn to be together.

Thumbs up: The fun first half, Salim-Sulaiman’s music.

Thumbs down: Threadbare plot, a

predictable second half.

t2 review: Too much of it is too many other films. It has the moments, it has the

elements, but somehow it all doesn’t come together.





Shah Rukh Khan turns superhero G.One in this Anubhav Sinha sci-fi film. Chammak challo is a blockbuster even as SRK hops from event to TV show to promote his biggest film ever.


Imtiaz Jab We Met Ali turns Ranbir Kapoor into an angsty rockstar with newcomer Nargis Fakhri for company. A.R. Rahman’s tunes have hit the high notes already.


Garam Masala boys Akshay Kumar and John Abraham — with Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh as eye candy — promise to bring the house down in this comedy directed by David Dhawan’s son, Rohit.


Vidya Balan turns on the heat as ’80s siren Silk Smitha in this Milan Luthria film

co-starring Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi and Tusshar Kapoor.


The red-hot Band Baaja Baaraat pair of Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma come together once more for this Yash Raj romance. The other women in Ricky Bahl’s life? Parineeti Chopra, Dipannita Sharma and Aditi Sharma.

Don 2

The don returns this Christmas — this time in 3-D. The additions to the Shah Rukh Khan-Priyanka Chopra team? Lara Dutta and Kunal Kapoor.