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  • Published 27.02.08

I stay in town, away from the studios of Mumbai at Breach Candy, in the neighbourhood of the American Consulate and Breach Candy Hospital. My street is dotted with some of the oldest and most notable arcades and ice creams parlours like Amarsons and Premsons, Snowman and Gelato.

I live with my parents on the 11th floor of Mona Apartments. We have the entire floor to ourselves. My dad and I fell in love with this place instantly because it had a huge hall. His first reaction on seeing the flat was: ‘Mishal, you and I can play football in the hall’.

The house emanates positive energy. The closer you are to natural bodies, the more positive are the vibes. Our home overlooks the vast expanse of Arabian Sea — you can’t get a bigger natural body then this! When I’m feeling down I gaze out at the sea from the window and my mood is elevated within minutes. There is a special reason why our house is imbued with a warm, cosy and positive ambience — you can get a clear view of both Mahalaxmi Temple and Haji Ali Dargah from my house.

The hall is divided into three different sections and accommodates a Western-style sitting, an Indian sitting with gaddas and a third one comprising a sofa set and a TV.

My place does not boast of many artefacts. However, I have a habit of picking up idols and photographs. Recently, I went to Vaishnodevi and picked up luminous photos of Mataji and Shivji. Since I like surprising my sister and mom with flowers, I have hand-picked a few vases for the house as well.

My favourite corner in the house is my bedroom because it is at the extreme end. I can listen to loud music and let my TV blare without disturbing anyone. The room has a blue hue, which has been left untouched ever since we moved in. I guess it was painted blue because the popular notion is that blue is for guys and pink is for girls. I’m a big spender. I like to pamper myself without worrying about the future. Proof: the huge LCD in my room which I bought from my own hard-earned money.

Believe it or not, I get marriage proposals when people see my place!

[For those who don’t know yet, Mishal Raheja is Akash in Anurag Basu’s Love Story on Sab TV]