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New sounds at M BAR KITCHEN

  • Published 26.01.16
Violinist Micah (left) and saxophonist Ruben from Ibiza at the Park Street hotspot on Friday night

There was a certain anticipation in the air at M Bar Kitchen on Friday. Giving the regular EDM theme a break, the night was dedicated to a gig that saw violinist Micah, saxophonist Ruben (both from the world’s big party destination Amnesia, Ibiza) jamming with home boy DJ Girish. Moments before the gig, t2 caught up with Girish: 

How does it feel to have your friends Ruben and Micah from Ibiza in Calcutta?
This was Ruben and Micah’s first gig ever in India and they were thrilled! I remember meeting Ruben in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and then Istanbul. By the third gig we realised that we both love each other’s style and developed a taste for our respective style of music. I have been wanting to get them to Calcutta for the past two-and-a-half years and finally this year we thought the city is ready to accept such a concept. 

What prompted you to do a Live Jugalbandi on a Friday night?
I wanted people to see how EDM can be repacked and delivered to people. This whole live band thing with EDM was something Calcutta hasn’t seen before. And working becomes easy when you get each other’s music. We do online rehearsals so Ruben or Micah know exactly when I will change the music and play what track.

From the man behind the console to the man almost manning the gate (director of operations, M Bar Kitchen).. how has the change been?
As an operations guy, I have learnt so much about handling people who are under the influence of alcohol. You need to be completely sober. They are people from good families and backgrounds and this is one thing that needs to be mastered. The other part of operations is also taking care of the overall experience, which depends on the quality of the drinking, dining and dancing experience. Food is a big part of M Bar Kitchen and I come into the picture to suggest a particular type of food that will go with the right drink. If I may say so, being well travelled helps me keep up with what people in a bistro in Barcelona to a cafe in Paris are doing. Having said that, I was always DJing and the DJ in me will never die. 

What is the biggest turning point of your career?
(Laughs) Very tricky question. Honestly I am still waiting for it. I will be honest, I have had my highs and lows, I have heard people saying that ‘Girish had a phase’ but  those are the people who do not know my musical background.

“Saxophone, violin and a DJ, wow! This gig was a completely new experience for us and the trio killed it,” echoed partygoers Anindita (left) and Arpita.

An international trend you would like to see in Calcutta?
Thanks for bringing this question up! We have always wanted to bring the best acts to Calcutta but only if people come up and support the event by paying the charges for that night. Bringing down a big artiste involves a huge production cost so if people do not pay for that special night, the scene will never grow or change. 

Which places in Calcutta do you view as competition? 
There was already existing competition when I joined M Bar Kitchen... like Nocturne, UG Reincarnated and Myx and now there’s the new place Black. A couple of international bars are expected to open in the city and that would be good competition as they will take away the early drinking crowd… Mezzuna had already broken that virgin market. Then came Shisha Bar Stock Exchange, which is also a very good concept.

Pramita Ghosh
Pictures: Rashbehari Das