Boroline forays into fashion with a show on the Amazon India Ramp

  • Published 17.03.16

Think Boroline green. And now think of a whole collection with Boroline green as the dominant hue. The collection marks the antiseptic cream brand’s foray into mainstream fashion, with a show at the Amazon India Fashion Week, no less. Before ‘Chandrani Singh Fllora with Boroline’ takes the AIFW runway at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi on Friday, Debashis Dutta, managing director of Boroline, fills t2 in on why the brand loved by every Bengali household has an “intrinsic connect” with fashion.

Why did Boroline decide to associate with the Amazon India Fashion Week, and Chandrani Singh Fllora in particular?
Chandrani Singh Fllora approached us and requested if Boroline can be the sponsor for showcasing her new collection, Mrityunjay, at the Amazon India Fashion Week. We agreed for two reasons. First, there is an intrinsic connect between Boroline and fashion. These are the two indispensable arms of the beauty triangle. Fashion enhances beauty, Boroline maintains beauty. The second reason is that Boroline has traditionally been, and still continues to be, a part of Bengal’s life, times and culture. We are happy to be associated with a project which showcases creativity from Calcutta.

How will this association and the presence at a platform like AIFW benefit the brand?
The association of Boroline with AIFW is a happy collaboration between Boroline, FDCI, which organises the fashion week, and Chandrani, which is a win-win for all the partners. Boroline continues to be used by actresses, fashionistas and celebrities. Associating with fashion week will be another way for Boroline to say ‘Everyone needs Boroline’, fashionistas being among them.

Boroline is viewed as a typically Bengali household product. Is this a move to expand the reach nationally? 
We consider ourselves fortunate to be thought of as a typically Bengali household product by Bengalis because to be loved by Bengal is our pride. However, Boroline is equally loved and respected throughout India and abroad. Boroline’s selection as Superbrand India continuously since 2003 reflects this national presence and admiration. FDCI appreciated and welcomed the association of Boroline with AIFW as it values the mass recognition and appeal that Boroline has throughout India.

The collection will retail under the label ‘Chandrani Singh Fllora with Boroline’, which means you are taking the association beyond the show and into retail as well. Will the company push the retail sales through its own channels as well?
This aspect of the association has not been discussed as both Chandrani and we are extremely busy in working towards making our participation in the show successful.

Going forward, would you like to go for any other associations with other designers/brands?
This is our first association, any further partnerships are always possible.

Vidya Balan is the new brand ambassador for Boroline. How is Vidya a brand fit?
Vidya Balan is beautiful, traditional, very, very good at what she does and widely known throughout the country. Boroline is traditional, good-looking in its new avatars, very, very good at what it does and widely known throughout the country. Each of her qualities matches Boroline’s brand values. Both Vidya and Boroline embody the genuineness and timelessness that are the hallmarks of true leaders.

Raima Sen was the first time Boroline used a brand ambassador…
We consider each user of Boroline as its brand ambassador. In fact every grandmother and mother is Boroline’s brand ambassador. After Raima Sen, Sakshi Tanwar was Boroline’s celebrity brand ambassador for four years. Sakshi with her national appeal and traditional Indian image was widely loved throughout India.

With Vidya, you venture into the Bollywood scene. Going forward, which other Bolly actress would you want to engage as your brand ambassador?
It is our principle that any celebrity endorser needs to be a user and admirer of Boroline, and represent the timeless, intrinsic qualities that have made Boroline relevant to over three generations of consumers.

Smita Roy Chowdhury