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Famous Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur, Disha Vadgama Talks About The Importance Of Risk Taking

ABP Digital Brand Studio Published 19.08.22, 01:51 AM

Risk-taking is the most important and critical factor when it comes to growth. Either you can stay in your comfort zone or you can move out to achieve some of the most unimaginable things. Disha Vadgama, an entrepreneur and fashion designer has a strong belief in risk-taking and recommends it to others as well.

The Gujarat-based super successful fashion designer has made a great name for herself in the fashion industry. While her designs are hot in the traditional market, she is also gaining hype in Bollywood these days. Sharing the secret behind her success, Disha says, "I always say that love your work, be responsible, be creative and explore with the designs. Take the risk! Learn your basics and most importantly have faith in your work and talent."

The founder of DV Fashion Studio has its headquarters in Ahmedabad Gujarat. It’s a 5000sq. feet place and has a mixture of traditional Indian designs with modern ones, featuring lightweight fabrics further enhanced by quirky and vibrant prints.

Talking about her approach towards fashion, Disha Vadgama says that for her it means to “be the actual you.“ She adds that it's important to have confidence in yourself, whatever you wear or carry but to be the real you is the most important and attractive thing. Disha explains that everyone is different with different stories and perspectives on life and it goes with fashion as well.

Disha was interested in fashion since her childhood and got inspiration from her mother. As a young girl, she used to keenly observe her mother while she designed her own sarees. When Disha's mother noticed her inclination towards art and creativity, she pushed her towards it.

At a young age, Disha Vadgama started her own label. At that time, she had only one tailor and a master in a small place. She learned about the taste of customers by bringing her experience to use. Disha used every feedback to make her creativity better day by day and made sure that every success and disappointment counts in the end.

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