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Falaque Rashid Roy talks about film Dear Diary

The actress plays Megh, the lead guitarist in a popular college band in her latest movie

Arindam Chatterjee Published 16.02.23, 02:31 PM

Falaque The Telegraph

In the film Dear Diary, Falaque Rashid Roy plays Megh (Meghna), the lead guitarist in a popular college band. “She is an alpha male kind, very tomboyish, and uber bold, cool dude type. Her world revolves around two main things — one is music band and the second is friendship,” says Falaque. The Telegraph chat....

Tell us about your character....


he is a true friend and a pro ‘bhai’ dude. Bonny aka Raj is her best friend and together they have this band named Polatok. They are loved by students as they represent their college band which is very famous.

What was your first reaction when you were approached for Dear Diary ?

It’s fab. First, it’s ID’s (Indraadip Dasgupta) film, and second, it’s a musical film. And most importantly it’s youth-centric. A story of a music band, a tale of friendship and the joys of college days. I miss my college days and I could so relate to it.

Falaque plays a guitarist in the film

Falaque plays a guitarist in the film

Tell us about your look in the film....

Once I got to know about my look, I said to myself: ‘Ebar jombe moja’ (laughs). But honestly, right after that, my question was: “Are you guys seriously going to cut my smoothened long hair?” And then IDda said to that: ‘Don’t mind but you are too glamorous’. So it was a hint that all the glamour is going to be switched off!

How did it feel when you actually became that character?

Oh, I felt handsome! I’m an introverted, shy and Convent-raised, ultra-feminine woman. I’m someone who wouldn’t put the car window down even if the AC is not working just so that my hair and make-up don’t move.

So it just wasn’t the hair going chopchop, or eyebrows made to be not trimmed or shaped... they were boxy and untidy; darker lips and covered in boyish loose fitted casual T-shirts and men’s denim. I practised all day to get hold of the body language.

Falaque in Dear Diary

Falaque in Dear Diary

How did you prepare for this character?

This was a tough one for me. After being guided by my director I started a workshop of five days at SCAA (Sudipta Chakraborty Acting Academy) and delved more into my character. It became overwhelming and tiring and I was getting exhausted. It took time to wear layers of foundation covering every inch of my visible body including behind the little ears of mine that peeped from behind the wig. The hair was all packed up so it ached and itched for hours. I couldn’t rest my head because of the wig. It felt like I was shedding my skin like a snake, and growing a new one as I become the character that looked back at me from the mirror.

What was it like working with Indraadip?

He is an incredibly creative person. The shots he designs are jawdropping. His sense of music and rhythm needs no mention... it is outstanding.. he is a creative genius. He is extremely protective of his actors and is like a father figure to the entire team.

How do you look at the roles coming your way now?

I am extremely proud of doing roleslike Meghna from Dear Diary. Meghna empowers me! When I see the world from her perspective she shows me that confidence has got nothing to do with beauty or body. Real confidence is real power, be bold be yourself and half the battle is won. Stop trying to convince, be unapologetic. Be a badass in whatever you choose to do and do it your way... you don’t have to fit in. And I feel we as actors need to be the role model the women of today need. I am hopeful that this character will connect with many young girls who want to do things differently, who may not even be feminine enough as per social standards yet are no different at heart.

Keeping the title of the film in mind, do you keep a diary?

Well yes, I used to in high school. In fact, my farewell diary is still intact, filled with messages and memories of school friends, and teachers. It’s a very typical girly pink diary with heart and kitten stickers.

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