Expert priscilla corner on skin & hair care this summer

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 1.05.14

It’s 40 degrees and rising. Staying cool when the heat is throwing a hissy fit takes some doing. The last thing one would want amidst soaring temperatures is for their hair and skin to go limp and lack lustre. So before the humidity gets the better of your hair and skin, prep up with some beauty strategies.


Sweat and grime can lead to breakouts, so getting a climate-bespoke cleansing, toning and moisturising routine should be right up the agenda. Here’s how…

1 Substitute your moisturising cleanser for a gel-based one (avoid if you have dry, flaky skin).

2 Keep your toner alcohol-free and very mild.

3Trade your heavy night creams for mild moisturisers or serums to prevent clogging and build-up.

4Use natural loofahs made of coconut husk for bathing. This keeps the dead skin off and the blood circulation on.

5Don’t overdo the cleansing routine as rigorous attempts to remove oil or pollution can set in a backlash where the oil glands go into a sebum-producing overdrive to replace what’s being taken out! Once a week, stick to a simple water-based cleaning routine.

Tip: Make your own summer toner/tonic by extracting the juice of half a cucumber and mixing it with three tablespoon of rose water.


The scalp-produced sebum coupled with perspiration can turn into a hotbed for bacteria and infection, so it needs a proper cleansing regimen.

1 Wash hair daily. Pick a mild shampoo or water down the one you use regularly in a 1:1 ratio.

2 Add a dash of lime juice to your shampoo at least once a week. This will lighten your natural hair streaks and add a glossy shine.

3 Tie your hair up in a knot at least once a week and use that opportunity to condition the lengths as frequent washing can dry them up.

4 Hair seems to grow faster in summer, so trim the split ends.

5 Use a herbal tea rinse once a week before your shampoo. It’s a fab way to highlight your natural hues.

Tip: To make a herbal rinse, boil three cups of water in a container, throw in two lemon tea bags (for light hair) or regular tea bags (for dark hair) and leave for half an hour. Apply the concoction over the hair and then wash. Condition hair as usual.


Celsius readings that are on the rise call for a paring down of make-up choices to avoid ugly make-up meltdowns. Clean skin with an appropriate CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturising) routine.

1 Use a primer to even out the skin structure.

2 Use a combination of a light mineral foundation (best for summer) with SPF factored in, so you keep the layers of make-up down to a minimum.

3 Dust over a powder to seal the make-up in.

4 Use a waterproof mascara and very light neutral tones of muted shadow with smudged eyeliner to avoid heavy, obvious lines that bright sunshine can draw attention to. Heavy eye make-up in summer has a tendency to streak, so beware!

5 Go au natural once a week. Keep your skin free of make-up and let it breathe — it’s the best way to avoid summer breakouts.

Tip: Avoid radiance-enhancing highlighters in summer as they can give your appearance an overall unflattering greasy shine.