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Double Bonanza

‘A happy and pure beginning sets the right tone’ with the mahurat of two films and the release date announcement of five star-studded movies

The Telegraph Published 01.07.21, 12:05 AM
(L-R) Arjun Chakrabarty, Sauraseni Maitra, Srijit Mukherji, Madhurima Basak

(L-R) Arjun Chakrabarty, Sauraseni Maitra, Srijit Mukherji, Madhurima Basak Sourced by the correspondent

It was a starry morning as the cast and crew of two SVF films with very different storylines got together. Glitz and glamour walked hand-in-hand at the mahurat of X= Prem and Ekannoborti on Tuesday. While Srijit Mukherji’s X= Prem is a futuristic love story, Mainak Bhaumik’s Ekannoborti is about a family reunion during Durga Puja. “There are so many fond memories associated with a mahurat, starting with the mahurat of Autograph. With a mahurat, it feels like everything is coming back to normal now. This feeling is really heart-warming,” says Srijit. How was it like attending a new normal mahurat? “Wonderful. It feels great to be starting work on a feature film after what seems like ages. We tried to keep our masks on as much as possible. Shooting will obviously be different. We are having reading sessions with Srijitda. He conducts wonderful workshops. They’re immensely helpful in breaking the ice. I’m meeting my co-actors for the first time and there’s hardly any time before we go to the floor. These sessions are important,” says Arjun Chakrabarty, who stars in X= Prem. For the actor, every mahurat is special. “I was unable to attend the Love Aaj Kal Porshu mahurat because I was shooting away from the city. So it’s all the more special to have attended this time. A happy and pure beginning sets the right tone,” smiles Arjun.

Mainak Bhaumik and Sandipta Sen

Mainak Bhaumik and Sandipta Sen Sourced by the correspondent

Meanwhile, SVF unveiled the release dates of its highly anticipated upcoming film slate, which comprises five big titles — Mukhosh, Golondaaj, Ekannoborti, Kakababur Protyaborton and X=Prem. The films, helmed by popular and critically acclaimed directors like Srijit Mukherji, Mainak Bhaumik, Birsa Dasgupta and Dhrubo Banerjee, star some of the biggest names in the Tolly industry like Prosenjit and Dev. Birsa Dasgupta’s film Psycho, featuring Anirban Bhattacharya in the lead, is now officially titled as Mukhosh.


Release dates of films

Mukhosh (by Birsa Dasgupta): August 13

Golondaaj (by Dhrubo Banerjee): October 10

Ekannoborti (by Mainak Bhaumik): November 3

Kakababur Protyaborton (by Srijit Mukherji): December 24

X=Prem (by Srijit Mukherji): February 4, 2022

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