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Dev-Mimi get passionate for a Joddha song

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 7.09.14

Dev-Mimi’s sharatadin: After a gap of five years, director Raj Chakraborty and actor-MP Dev have come together for an “action love story” with a period piece thrown in. So the duo are doing all they can to turn Joddha into a festival blockbuster. “After Challenge and Dui Prithibi people have a lot of expectations from a film made by Raj that has Dev and so for Joddha we’ve worked doubly hard. We are determined to make the film very different from what the Bengali audience has seen already,” Raj told t2 from Ladakh where he is busy shooting another song sequence with Dev and Mimi.

“After Chander Pahar and Bunohaans I am constantly thinking of how I can present myself totally differently in my next films. I am not someone who will sit and take it easy after two big films. I am an actor and through every role I want to reinvent myself. I love my profession and I will do anything to make the audience happy,” said Dev.

Sharatadin is a passionate number where Rudrapratap (Dev), a warrior, and Durga (Mimi), a princess, get up close and intimate... in their dreams. “We shot the song in a studio in Karjat (Maharashtra). It’s a dream sequence because both Durga and Rudrapratap shy away from confessing their love for each other. Through this song we show the grandeur of the palace and their lifestyle,” added Raj.

Produced by Shree Venkatesh Films, the reincarnation tale hits screens this Puja.