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By TT Bureau
  • Published 17.12.13

book to film, on the balcony: “You won’t believe just how many times I’ve read Chander Pahar... look at the condition of this book! I still read it in parts, just to be sure that I have enacted the scenes correctly. We have taken scenes and tried to do them as they are in the book,” says Dev, looking out of the balcony of his 29th floor apartment. “I often come here to watch the city pass by down there. I also stand here for long hours when I am low... and as you know since last year nothing was going right in my personal life.... But I think I am the only actor after Mithunda (Chakraborty), Bumbada (Prosenjit) and Shah Rukh Khan who has been consistent. My last two films — Khoka 420 and Rangbaaz — were super hits, touchwood,” he adds, sipping on milk tea.

Why I worked for free in chander pahar: “When Shree Venkatesh Films offered me Chander Pahar, I knew I had to push myself and do things I have never done before. I was worried that this film would slip out of my hands if I didn’t put in 200 per cent. That’s why I decided to work for free and I am proud of the results,” says Dev, turning on the Chander Pahar trailer on his 42-inch LED TV in his South City apartment. It’s been a mad day for the actor who is also busy shooting for Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s Bunohaans in Mumbai.

“I keep watching the Chander Pahar trailer whenever I have time. Sometimes I get upset watching myself as Shankar. I feel I could have done the lion-Shankar scenes differently. I could have gone a little closer to Columbus, the lion. In fact I didn’t like myself as the aged and bearded Shankar and whenever I feel I could have done more, I call up Shrikantda (Mohta, producer) and nag him.... But my mother, who had an operation recently in a Mumbai hospital, saw the promos and said, ‘Bumper hoyechhe!’ My sister hasn’t watched any of my films this year but she told me she would watch Chander Pahar first-day-first-show (releases on December 20). All this is my remuneration. Chander Pahar is the kind of film that a sister and a brother will watch together. How many films are made for the family audience? There are lots of films that a boyfriend would like to watch with his girlfriend... all my previous films are like that. Chander Pahar is perhaps the only film in my CV which is for everyone.”

that’s my morning read! “The first thing I do in the morning is read t2. And to be honest, I loved some of the articles on Chander Pahar in t2. My photos from the film looked amazing,” grins Dev. Well, we sure love this hunk of a reader!

Text: Kushali Nag
Pictures: Rashbehari Das