Comfortable with kids

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  • Published 21.07.09

The second season of the popular stand-up comedy show on Colors Chhote Miyan (8pm, every Sunday) has Raveena Tandon in the judge’s chair. A t2 chat with the stunner…

How does it feel to be part of the second season of Chhote Miyan?

It’s a great show that had a very successful run in its first season. Although it is a stand-up comedy show featuring kids, Chhote Miyan was very popular among all age groups. A daadi or a naani would sit and enjoy the show along with the grandchild. Besides, the set-up is very good, the production house (Endemol) is fantastic and the channel (Colors) is extremely professional. I saw no reason to pass up a good offer like this.

Chak De Bachche and now Chhote Miyan. Do you consciously take up kids shows only?

I do get offers to judge a lot of other shows… just the other day I was offered an adult comedy show, but the truth is that I am much more comfortable being with children. I enjoy their company because I find them very uncomplicated and easy to be with. That’s the reason why I refused the other offer and decided to take up Chhote Miyan instead.

What are you looking forward to on the show?

I am looking forward to spending time with a lot of lovely children. I am looking forward to being blown away by their performances. And I am looking forward to having a great time on the show.

This is your first at judging a comedy show…

Yes, and I am nervous! Comedy is much tougher than the regular song-and-dance shows that are all over TV nowadays. Judging comedy is extremely difficult and when it is a show that involves kids, then it gets a lot tougher. We have to be very careful not to hurt their feelings and at the same time, we also have to go about the job that we have been given. These kids are really really good. They could put any adult to shame.

Being a mother of two yourself, do your maternal instincts come to the fore while judging children?

Oh, absolutely! Judging children is a huge responsibility. You are almost like a second parent to them. You have to take care to be diplomatic and encouraging, rather than say or do something that will suppress their talent and enthusiasm. Last time, when a young girl got eliminated and started crying, before I knew it, I was crying along with her. Judging a kids’ show is emotionally very taxing, but when you see such remarkable performances coming from them, it makes it worth it.

What is your equation with co-judges Sachin and Rahul Mahajan?

Sachinji is someone whom I have known since my childhood because he has been working with my dad (producer-director Ravi Tandon) since his childhood! We gel very well on the sets and I am looking for a lot of guidance from him since he was also a part of Chhote Miyan season one. Rahul Mahajan is someone I have known for 2-3 years….oh no, what am I saying… he is someone I know for more than 10 years now. We first met during the time of the Kargil war. We are both of the same age, but Rahul is so childlike in his ways, that now I look upon him as a younger brother. I have seen him battle a lot of problems in his life — from his father’s death to his messy divorce. We share a very good relationship.

Will we see a lot more of Raveena Tandon on the screen this year?

I have signed a film (Revathy’s Just Aap Ke Liye co-starring Jaya Bachchan and Ayesha Takia Azmi) and I have Chhote Miyan. That’s all I can do right now. Nothing else for me!