Comedy of errors

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By Mohua Das
  • Published 2.03.09

Premi No. 1
Directed by: Debu Pattnaik
The cast: Koel Mullick, Anubhav,
Rahul Dev
The hall: Mitra

Premi No. 1
is an Oriya film dubbed in Bengali. Here’s what to expect from the comedy...

Tottering storyline: Debu Pattnaik tries to do a David Dhawan (one from his superhit No. 1 series) and the attempt misfires, thanks to the weak plot, corny jokes and Anubhav’s over-the-top act. It’s the same boy-proposes-brother-disposes story, which you have seen in Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, Run...

Rogue Romeo: From where has this lover boy landed? Going by his clothes, attitude and expressions, Anubhav seems more roguish than the bad boy. He just doesn’t have a flair for comedy. But Koel is easy on the eye. She’s a chirpy college girl who first tries to catch Anubhav’s attention and then acts pricey.

Sweet brother: Three cheers for Rahul Dev! This steely, suave bad man with a menacing look is a welcome break from the loud and flabby villains of Tollywood. Rahul’s Ranjit is a family man who laughs and chats with his wife, daughter, grandmother and sister (Koel).

Tacky sets: The look is a straight lift from the saas-bahu serials. You have lots of women in gaudy saris and tonnes of gold jewellery for props.

Screechy songs: The music fluctuates from marching beats to slow, whiny numbers. Don’t miss a sarong-clad Anubhav dancing on the Singapore beach with phirang women going Hai Romeo! Hey Romeo! Ho Romeo!.