Comedy of errors

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  • Published 15.07.11

He had us in splits early this year with Bye Bye Bangkok and now Aniket Chattopadhyay is ready to embark on his next laughathon — Goray Gondogol.

Starring Rahul, Sampurna, Dipankar De, Koneenica Banerjee, Locket Chatterjee, Saswata Chatterjee, Rajatava Dutta, Kharaj Mukherjee, Rudranil Ghosh and others, the film revolves around Paula (Sampurna) and Rik’s (Rahul) marriage plans.

“There’s a lot of confusion because Rik, a software guy, has no family and Paula’s stern father (Dipankar De) won’t agree to the marriage till he is sure of the groom’s lineage. So the rest of the cast pose as Rik’s relatives and the situations that arise out of that are very funny. Goray Gondogol is funnier than Bye Bye Bangkok,” says Aniket, who will shoot the first schedule in Jaisalmer. “We will shoot in most of the places where Satyajit Ray shot Sonar Kella. It’s where Rik and Paula go for their honeymoon,” he adds.

Though Bye Bye Bangkok was a box-office success, Aniket didn’t want to follow it up with another comedy. “I wanted to make a political film with the Maoists as the backdrop. But I can’t shoot it before winter, so my producer (Kaustuv Ray) wanted me to do another film. I had the script for Goray Gondogol ready and we thought of going ahead.”

For producer Kaustuv, a comedy is right up his street. “I like watching comedies. They are entertaining and that’s why after Bye Bye Bangkok, which was a superhit, I asked Aniket to make another comedy. I am very upbeat about the actors in the film. We are also introducing Sampurna, who we believe will do a good job,” says Kaustuv.

It was tough getting the dates of all the stars, admits Aniket. “Some I have repeated from Bye Bye Bangkok because I felt that they fit the bill in comedies.”

Everyone will have a definite role to play but the focus will be on Rahul and Sampurna. “The action revolves around what happens to their characters. I chose them because Rahul is a very good actor, while Sampurna has it in her to play a character like Paula who trusts her lover completely,” says Aniket.

Goray Gondogol goes on the floors on August 11.

Kushali Nag