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By Kaushik Ganguly tells t2 how Rang Milanti came straight from the heart. Kushali Nag Will you watch Rang Milanti? Tell
  • Published 30.08.11
Rang Milanti’s Indrasish, Ridhima, Gourab, Tanaji and Gaurav

Rang Milanti (releases on September 9) sounds like a frothy film about youngsters...

Rang Milanti is about one’s search for happiness. I find the number of divorces and separations happening around me really shocking. As kids we’ve seen how our parents and their parents have stayed together for so many years. Back then, the concept of separation wasn’t as rampant as it is now. So all the characters in my film look for ways to stay happy and stay together. Today people seldom ask each other about their spouses because nobody knows if they are together or not! I find it very unnerving. That’s why I decided to make Rang Milanti (produced by Deepten Films).

You’ve got a very young cast to explore a subject like divorce and separation...

I thought a young cast would be interesting as a lot has already been said about the adult brigade. There’s Ridhima (Ghosh) as Kamalika, who hangs out with four college friends, played by Indrasish Ray, Gaurav Chakrabarty, Gourab Chatterjee and Tanaji Dasgupta. All four are eligible bachelors. Tanaji is a tailor, Gourab a DJ, Gaurav a computer engineer and Indrasish an SRFTI graduate. Kamalika is extremely cautious about choosing her life partner because she has seen her elder sister Kamalini (Churni Ganguly) split up with her husband (Saswata Chatterjee). You could say the situation is a modern-day swayamvar!

There are two stories running parallel — one on the young generation, the other on Churni and Saswata. Churni plays a successful TV star; her husband is a not-so-successful-actor. And then there is the track of a foreign woman (played by Calcutta-based model Elena), who has a child out of wedlock.

Is Rang Milanti aimed only at the young brigade?

It’s for everyone. Even people in the 60-70 age bracket would relate to the film. The narrative structure is very different and that’s why if I say a little more, I will give away the story. I really enjoyed making Rang Milanti after the serious Aarekti Premer Galpo. I am happy that my young actors have become such good friends after doing the film. That’s a great thing!

Rang Milanti is not a rom com which you can watch, laugh and forget. Like my last film Aarekti Premer Galpo, Rang Milanti too is another love story. I will be happy, you know, even if one family, after watching the film, decides to live together for another year. Rang Milanti should move people. That’s what I want my film to do.

I have tarnished my image a lot by succumbing to pressure and making films I didn’t believe in, but not anymore. Henceforth I will only do films that I believe in and enjoy doing... films that liberate me as a director.

Does Rang Milanti have passionate moments like in Aarekti Premer Galpo?

You mean chumu!?

Kaushik Ganguly

Well, yes...

There are three lip-lock scenes and I did not take any stills of the shoot because I didn’t want to lure people to see my film because of steamy scenes. I am seriously against such cheap publicity, you know... like using lip-lock scenes as a publicity tool to promote films. I didn’t do it during Shunyo-E-Buke, despite the film being so bold and involving intimate scenes. This is a time when Indian cinema is trying to make intimate and bold sequences look normal on screen, so why should I unnecessarily sensationalise it? Chumu is a very beautiful thing and I want people to kiss in public and make it a very normal, everyday kind of a thing.

Your wife Churni is there in all your films...

Well, almost. Of the nine films I have made, she has featured in six. Churni wasn’t there in Ek Mutho Chhobi, Brakefail and Jackpot. She is my best friend and I rely on her a lot as an actress. I like her acting style and I share a deep understanding with her. She is involved with me from the scripting stage and as a director my job becomes easier because I don’t have to explain anything to her on the sets. Churni is also my greatest critic. When everyone on the sets says ‘wow, what a shot’, Churni will give her inputs. I like that. Besides, no other director considers Churni for their films! So, what’s wrong if she is a constant in Kaushik Ganguly’s films?