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By PRIYANKA CHOPRA TALKS ABOUT FIRSTS — COLOURING HER HAIR, SCI-FI FILM AND HARMAN BAWEJA Jigar Shah (Bollywood News Service) Which is your favourite Priyanka Chopra film? Tell
  • Published 13.06.08

You are playing a double role for the first time in Love Story 2050. Was it easy to make the two characters different from each other?

It is very difficult and challenging to do a double role but it was great fun. In Love Story 2050, both my characters are opposite to each other; they are not even in the same time zone. We have tried to maintain a lot of dissimilarity between the characters — like one has brown hair while the other has red hair. One is sweet while the other is very loud and boisterous. Their dressing sense too is different. I have even tried to make the voices of the two characters different from each other.

Was it a difficult decision to make when you were asked to dye your hair red?

When (make-up artist) Mickey Contractor told me that I had to colour all my hair red, I thought he had lost it completely. Not only me, if you ask any girl to colour her hair red, she would feel the same way that I did. We Indian girls take a lot of pride in our long, lustrous black hair, and so did I. But even (director) Harryji thought this would be a different way of presenting me. No Indian heroine has dyed her hair red before, so I decided: why not?

Are you confident about Love Story 2050?

Everyone says ‘Our film hatke hai’. But I can definitely say that this is a very different film; and that too with a lot of confidence. As the name suggests, it is a love story, an eternal love story. No one can stop love — not even time.

You are associated with three futuristic, sci-fi and fantasy films — Krrish, Love Story 2050 and the forthcoming Drona...

Krrish was one of its kind, it was Indian’s first superhero film which did phenomenally well. Love Story 2050 is India’s first sci-fi film and I’m really proud to be a part of this film. In Drona, I play Abhishek’s (Bachchan) bodyguard. It’s a fantasy film. It is great to be associated with films like these because they create a kind of expectation and curiosity for the film and with the people involved in them.

Since you call Love Story 2050 India’s first sci-fi film, was it difficult to shoot all those special effects involved?

Yes, very. For the one half of the shooting, I could just see green because we were shooting in a room. The scene was that we are riding a bike which is in the air and there are people who are following us and shooting bullets at us. We had to imagine a lot of things. Fortunately, the film has one of the best special effects team working on it — they are from Australia, Canada and India. On the whole, we have a great film.

Have you done any stuntbaazi in the film?

No, I have not done any stunts or any action in the film. It is purely a love story.

And how has the music for a futuristic film been decided? What kind of music would suit the year 2050?

The story is all in two different eras; so it was very difficult to make the music for this film. It was a real challenge for composer Anu Malik and lyricist Javed Akhtar saab but they worked together and I think both of them and the Baweja family have pulled off an amazing task with the music of the film. I love the music of the film and there is every kind of music. Ab main apne mooh miya mitthu to nahi kar sakti but Milon ka is my favourite track in the film. There’s a romantic, eternal and timeless quality about the film’s music, which I like.

A lot has been said and written about Harman and you. How would you say is your chemistry with him in the film?

Chemistry hai ya physics hai ya maths hai, this will be decided by the audience. I cannot say anything in this respect. Harman and I have been friends for a long time now. I take a lot of pride that I am in Harman’s first film. My first film was very special to me and I’m more than happy that I could bring that specialness in someone else’s life.

After Bluff Master!, you are doing Drona and Karan Johar’s Dostana with Abhishek. And now you will be starring with Amitabh Bachchan in God Tussi Great Ho. How close are you to the Bachchans?

I know them very well, they are one of the most cultured families in the industry. But unfortunately, in God Tussi Great Ho, I don’t have a single scene with Mr Bachchan — all his scenes are with Salman.