Chitrangada trains her lens on Parno. t2 catches the action


  • Published 18.05.18

Acine play — Chokher Bali directed by Suman Mukhopadhyay —  brought them together in 2016, and Parno Mittra and Chitrangada Chakraborty have been friends since then, hanging out and sharing stories over biryani.

An avid photographer who has done photoshoots of actresses such as Kalki Koechlin and Sayani Gupta, Chitrangada recently turned her lens on Parno at Karma Kettle. The brief for Parno was to stay natural.

“I was really happy with the shoot. I wore muted colours and very little make-up,” said Parno. “Ours was a collaborative effort. I have worked as a model and a photographer, so I understand both perspectives. Parno went with the flow, which was just amazing. And with me, she was really comfortable and uninhibited,” said Chitrangada, who’s based in Mumbai. t2 captured the moments between the photographer and her subject.

(L-R) Parno and Chitrangada get into work mode. “Chitrangada is very passionate about what she does. She is really sweet... more like a sister to me. I feel very protective about her,” said Parno. Both the girls star in Pratim D. Gupta’s upcoming film Ahare Mon.   
The girls check out the images. “During the Chokher Bali shoot, I would hang out at her pad. She and her friends would have these lovely jam sessions. I had a lot of fun,” said Parno. 
“I was always fascinated by photography. Whenever I model, I end up imagining how the pictures would look. That’s how the idea of executing it came to my mind. Why not do it by myself rather than imagining it in my head? Being a model has helped me guide the people I shoot. Making them comfortable is a part of the job and I can understand it so well. On the other hand, being a photographer has helped me become a more patient model. I have slowly understood what photographers want at times. It’s a way of jamming,” said Chitrangada. FYI, she also plays the ukulele!
The t2 lens caught Parno in a wistful mood. “Parno has an innocent face and there’s a lot of character. She looks so young. Her face and eyes speak. Beauty and innocence just merged for this shoot,” said Chitrangada, who discovered “a sensuous side to Parno that came out very naturally”. 
Chitrangada captures Parno in various moods. “I like to capture the various emotions and moods of a person. When you know someone really well, you want to photograph that person.... I love playing with daylight. And there was a lovely play of light and shade inside the place. The photographs have come out really nice, they look natural. This is my style,” said Chitrangada, whose fave photographers are Prabuddha Dasgupta, Bikramjit Bose, Steve McCurry and Harry Benson.  


Kalki did her own make-up and we kept it very natural. I wanted to shoot her in a sari. I always felt that everyone shoots Kalki in western outfits but she can look so intense in a cotton sari and a small black bindi. Her sari portraits came out beautifully. Also, she remains herself all the time. There is no pretence. I love her!

Arindam Chatterjee

Pictures: Pabitra Das