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A treat for horror and crime genre lovers

The Telegraph brings you chilling true crime channels and podcasts with unique narration style

Hannah Nicole D’souza Published 04.02.22, 06:44 AM

True Crime is that one genre that surely gets hearts racing and draws you to the edge of your seat in anticipation. What makes it all the more interesting is that these are not fictitious cases but are narratives of true incidents around the globe. The interesting thing about the genre is that it holds as much power in a simple audio file or podcast as it does with a literary text or film. However, we all cannot spare the time to sit through all the seasons of a true crime show. Some of us may want to opt for shorter videos that still pack all the thrill, or some of us may like to just listen to it as we go. Here are a few chilling true crime YouTube channels and Spotify podcasts to chill with as winter comes to an end.


BuzzFeed Unsolved:


This channel takes the crown for BuzzFeed’s most popular series, and rightfully so. With Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej on the case, you’re in for a rollercoaster of hilarious commentary on spine-chilling cases that haven’t been solved to date. The perfect presentation of the timeline, the actual grim facts, and the occasional witty punchlines will keep you thinking about the case even long after you’ve finished watching the video. It’s the perfect channel to binge videos from on a cold night, hooded under your blanket, as your inner sleuth hunts for clues that might’ve been missed by the others.

After you’ve finished watching all the eight seasons (which we guarantee, you will), you can take your adventure to the Watcher, where Ryan and Shane await you with more cases. However, time flies by so quickly when your mind is captivated by mysteries presented by them, which will, however, remain unsolved.

Youtuber Eleanor Neale narrating THE WINEVILLE MURDERS

Youtuber Eleanor Neale narrating THE WINEVILLE MURDERS


If you are a fan of the strange, dark and mysterious delivered in story format, you’ve come to the right place because that is all that MrBallen does. Johnathan B. Allen, popularly known online as MrBallen, is a former American Navy Seal with a knack for storytelling. His presentation style comprises not just putting forward accurate facts but delivering the story to you in such a way that you will be shocked by the twist of events at the end, every single time. The poise in his voice, the gestures that carry an important sense of fluidity and the general manner of his storytelling are bound to keep you listening to him talk about grim cases for hours at an end. If you find yourself short on time but still want to explore the stories, his channel MrBallen Shorts somehow manages to portray all of that within a minute or less for you as well.

Rob Gavagan:

What’s not to love about an enthralling storyteller who brings to you the most bizarre, eerie and gruesome cases, supported by facts and evidence that will make you feel like a true detective? Rob Gavagan, with his effortless narration and well laid-out storylines of true crime and other mysteries, will soon become one of your favourites once you start watching what he has to offer. You’ll find yourself on the edge to find out what comes next as he slowly unravels the details and circumstances surrounding the case. His playlist called Serial Killer Files, which enlists 45 ghastly cases, will keep you up at night and looking over your shoulder constantly. To conclude, we only have one thing to say: this channel is not meant for the weak-hearted.


Morning Cup of Murder:

If you want to know what incident took place this day, that year, this podcast is what you’ve been looking for. With new episodes every day, Korina Biemesderfer brings to you haunting tales of gruesome criminals and terrifying crime within 10 minutes approximately. Sit back and sip on your morning cup of coffee as you listen to tales of cults, abduction, murder and more, before you go about your day. The gripping narration and the concisely arranged facts in the video give you a glimpse into the true horrors of some twisted minds, within a matter of minutes. With over 600 episodes, this podcast is certainly going to give you chills even on a warm morning.


If you are a fan of well-researched cases with proper evidence and exact details conveyed to you, Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford come to your aid with their podcast Criminology. Covering some deeply disturbing cases with factual data, their conversational style of narrating the cases will make you feel as though you’re having a group discussion about a case. Similar to BuzzFeed Unsolved, they also tap into cases that have gone cold, hoping to connect the dots with whatever evidence and resources they have and theorise some plausible conclusions as to what could have happened. Who knows, they could be as close to the truth as it gets.

The Desi Crime Podcast:

Tired of listening to stories that have occurred many oceans away and want to listen to some bone-chilling crime stories close to home? The Desi Crime Podcast has you covered. With actual crime stories from India and neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, this channel covers stories of mysteries and massacres that will leave you with your breath hitched. Hosted by Aishwarya Singh and Aryaan Misra, who wanted to break the pattern of American true crime series dominating the charts, this podcast offers petrifying cases narrated brilliantly, sure to give you goosebumps. You might begin to tread too carefully after giving it a listen, for you will know how close the horrors that can seem so harmless, reside.

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