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Call of the dark

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DEBASREE QUOTE   |   Published 13.10.08, 12:00 AM

Debasree Roy

Sex workers, flesh trade and dark desires seem to be the current hot topic of Tolly directors. And the actors are game too.

After Laal Ronger Duniya, which revolved around Sonagachhi’s sex workers and their plight, and the two low-budget films Raktamukhi Neela and Blood with similar storylines, up next is Tapas Chandra’s Anubhav.

Starring Debasree Roy, Anubhav revolves around marriage, extramarital affairs and, of course, sex for money. Sabyasachi Chakraborty plays a friend, philosopher and guide to Debasree.

“My film is inspired by a Dibyendu Palit short story. Besides, women being lured into the flesh trade is a real issue. Such things are especially rampant in high society where people hide their sordid reality behind an expensive lifestyle,” explains Chandra, currently shooting the film.

Debasree, who had played a sex worker in Laal Ronger Duniya, becomes Purnima in Anubhav. But here Debasree is more than just a victim; she will be seen rescuing girls from sex rackets.

The story starts with Purnima getting married to a London-based NRI (Rahul Barman), only to discover her husband’s infidelity when she goes abroad to live with him. Disillusioned, she returns to India and finds a job with an NGO that helps women.

“One day she comes across a high-profile call girl who got into this profession to enjoy all the comforts of life. She has an affair with her boss who lures her with the bait of a promotion but now she wants to come out of this dirty game. Purnima helps her return to a respectable life. And in the process, Purnima comes across several women trapped in the flesh trade. She is shattered for the second time when her boss tries to molest her,” reveals the first-time director, who had previously assisted Tapan Sinha.

Produced by Chandra himself, Anubhav has three songs and is slated for an end-December release.

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