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By BENGAL ROWING CLUB presented Aladdin's magic land in association with Telekids TEXT AND PICTURES: ROSHNI ALI
  • Published 28.12.11

This year, Bengal Rowing Club’s carnival was embellished with the theme of Aladdin’s Magic Land. All things magical mesmerised the tiny tots who stopped by the club’s garden area for their share of Christmas cheer on December 25.

The entrance to the real-life version of the folk tale was done up with a large Christmas tree and giving Santa company was Aladdin’s blue genie. Inside, a life-size Aladdin’s palace and the evil Jaffar’s Den stood tall. A look around and there was more fun in store — from bubble shower to games corner.

While the older daredevils tried games like the Human Foosball and Jaffar’s Rope Course, which had ropes to swing from one end to another, the younger ones hopped onto the toy train for a joyride. Another draw was the Palace of Illusions, an exotic spectacle that had children forming queues for a glimpse of the beheaded man.

“We decided to introduce innovative and bold games this year to test the wit of these kids,” smiled Hemal Kampani, chairman of the club’s entertainment committee.

SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER: This tiny tot spread the cheer in Christmas gear

After all that play, the pooped-out kids recharged at the sip-and-bite counter. Dosas, pasta, chaat, kebabs… each grabbed something to munch on. The chocolate and ice-cream counters moved the fastest!

“We had a footfall of 4,000 and next year we plan to make it bigger and better,” signed off Kampani.